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Thanks for stopping by our Swinging Lifestyle Blog for couples interested in swinging, wife swapping, hotwifing, sex with strangers or just wanting to explore being a swinger. We’re excited to share a diverse looking into swinging.

In our blog spot you’ll find sex blogs, swinger blogs and polyamorous blogs with a bit of general swinging lifestyle, swingers events and more thrown in for good measure.

Ever wanted to know more about an open lifestyle with your partner? If you’re an open minded couple looking for a swingers blog written by a swinging couple than you’ve come to the right place.

Swingers often travel to new destinations to visit other swingers, attend events and swingers resorts... Getting ready for an upcoming trip is such an exciting moment but you’ll also need to take care of practical considerations. Packing and prepping your stuff for the trip is obviously one of the biggest

Cuckolding - What is Cuckolding? What are the common misconceptions? Written by Cate from Wanderlust Swingers Podcast; join our global diverse look into the swinging and hotwifing lifestyle. Let me first start by sharing our personal story. When D approached me about fantasies and the swinging lifestyle back in 2015

Many of you read the first blog about selling my used panties online and sent through questions as well as words of support and I thought it was a good idea to write a 2nd blog. This is all about my personal experience selling used panties online. In my first

Curious about MFM threesome? Want to know more about how you can safely arrange a threesome in the swinging lifestyle or just want a little peak into a swinging lifestyle couple. Read on to learn about Honeyspoon experience crossing a fantasy off the list with their swinging lifestyle friends. A

Ever thought about selling your used panties on the internet? Curious how to actually sell your used panties? Read on to hear about my experience selling my used panties Yes, you read that title correctly, I am continuing my sexual exploration and have sold a pair of used panties online!

We recently had a question from a new couple in the swinging lifestyle about to embark on their first threesome Male, Female, Male (MFM) experience. They asked us “Ours, His or Hotel?” They wanted to know where they should host their swingers play session Whilst this question might be simple

We are Nitendays on Fabswingers and Instagram from a little country called Wales in the UK best known for our rugby and our singing….. Here is the story of how we got into the swinging lifestyle we hope you enjoy. Eight years ago we started talking about fantasies and what

Every wondered what it's like to visit a Swingers Resort? What about your first trip to Hedonism Swingers Resort Jamaica or even partying with Young Swingers Week? Thank you to our guest blogger today RonnieLoves, it was an amazing read and super glad that you're happy for us to share.

Lets talk about the swinging lifestyle; it is as diverse as the people in it and there are many ways to approach it and the people within it. Mr H from the Bed Hoppers Podcast shares his thoughts in this guest blog, posted with permission and originally found on their

Welcome to my Sex Toy Review of the Ambi by Lovense. Lovense ​has been making history with their vibrators since 2010, quickly producing some of the best long-distance app-controlled sex toys that exist in the market. After previously reviewing their g-spot stimulator with their Osci I was hesitant to give the Ambi

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