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Le Boudoir London Swingers Club Review

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Le Boudoir London Swingers Club Review

swingers club london

Swingers Club London City

Lots of people head to London City, head to google and search ”Swingers Club London” well, we have news for you! There aren’t many in the city and the only Swingers Club London that we recommend is Le Boudoir. So if you’re after convenience, location and luxury, head to Le Boudoir Swingers Club London.

TOP 3 clubs we’ve visited globally

I was really impressed with this club, we’ve been to quite a few places around the world and this is definately top 3. If you’re visiting London, try to squeeze in a visit to Le Boudoir.

Their webiste is https://leboudoir.club/

Short; if you don’t want to read, watch the YouTube walkthrough

Membership Requirements

This is a private membership club and membership is a requirement. We highly suggest that you apply in advance and get approved before attending. You can then sign up for site membership to be able to engage with other members and see who is attending parties.

From here you can then purchase your tickets to any event in advance.


Couples advance tickets are 80 pounds ($105 USD), single female advanced 25 pounds ($31 USD) and single male advance ticket 80 pounds ($105 USD).

Bar Services

This location is a licenced bar so there is no BYO allowed or required on site (great for us as we were travelling). They have wines, beers, cocktails a full menu …. basically everything you can need. They also have cups of water which I really appreciated as it’s responsible of the club to give water for free.

Price wise, I thought the price of drinks was resonable, nothing you wouldn’t pay at a bar.

Also they had espresso martini’s so I was sold the moment I walked in.

Swingers Podcast

Dance Floor

The dance floor and mingle area is combined over 2 floors. They have plenty of seating and a dance pole available as well as a DJ booth for special nights. There is a look out balcony on the 2nd floor great for people watching and edging closer to the dance floor.


Very tidy bathroom areas, very clean, visited a few times through the night and have zero concerns.


Lockers are onsite and they have plenty of them, grab a key from reception and keep your gear safe. They are located downstairs.


I mean what to say here! They have so many playroom areas that it’s hard to put them in a post (check the youtube link at the end of this review)

They have multiple areas


Multiple private rooms, a cubby hole area with a mirror ceiling, a headmasters fantasy desk room, more private rooms and a BEAUTIFUL high ceiling group room with a libertator


The dungeon area, they have a St Andrews Cross, Glory Holes, paddle chairs, Sex Swing, catacomb play beds and more. So much variety!

Clothing Policy

They do have a clothing policy and we were happy to see that the security team and front desk adhere to the policy. I didn’t read the policy and my husband turned up in ripped jeans (granted they are fancy ripped jeans but it was against the policy) he was turned away to go change. That was a total rookie error on my part, I know better but it’s been a while since we’ve been (COVID) and so I’m out of practice.

Check out the policy here https://leboudoir.club/home/custom?page=RULES

I am very happy they enforce their rules and it shows you that podcasters do not get special treatment.

Single Men

Single men are permitted on Friday nights as well as specialty nights for singles, hotwife etc. They limit the number of single men allowed into the club on Friday so our suggestion is that you apply for membership, book your ticket and commit so they know you are coming. Don’t just turn up.


Swingers Club London says it all, they are located right in the heart of London City, 2 blocks from a tube station and there are 2, 3 and 4 star hotels all within 3 minutes walking distance of the club. The address is only given out to members with tickets.


Honestly I cannot think of any cons! The only one that might be in the realm of concern is that it can end up being a higher cost night as we had a hotel room and a bar tab but honestly, that is stretching!

We will definately be back and in fact, I’m thinking about hosting an event here I liked it that much.

Disclaimer: post is NOT SPONSORED, we paid for our hotel room near the venue and paid for our bar tab. The owner of the club did offer us free entry to the club for the evening and we also gave a 30 pound tip to staff as a thank you.

Want to find out more about Le Boudoir Swingers Club?

We did a full walkthrough of this club for our YouTube channel, you can check it out below or listen to our podcast episode about our time there including a hilarious lube spill

Swingers Club London

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