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Swinger Podcast | Hotwife Podcast - A fun and flirty Swinger Podcast about the Swinging Lifestyle

Not into Swingers Podcasts or Swingers Blogs? We occasionally create some Swingers Videos to showcase our experience in the swinging lifestyle.

Our Swinger Videos can be sex toy reviews, swinger club reviews and walkthroughs, a day in the life of or just us sharing our swinging lifestyle journey. We occasionally review the odd Swingers movie as well!

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If you’re looking for real information about the swinging lifestyle we’d love you to check out our YouTube channel and our Swingers Videos

Find our real life swinger lifestyle stories on our swinger podcast, catch us on all the major platforms and iTunes https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/wanderlust-swingers-swinging-lifestyle/id1023334577

Some of our YouTube Videos contain Swingers Club Walkthroughs

This content is completely different from our Swingers Podcast or Swingers Blog. it’s all a bit of fun and humor BUT we’re trying to keep the Swinging Lifestyle information relevant to what we have experienced.