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Our Swinger Podcast started in 2015 and since then we’ve had so much fun sharing our journey, interviewing interesting people and so much more


It means so much to us when we get to meet and mingle with like-minded sex positive friends all over the world. Join us at sexy and engaging lifestyle events.

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Shameless Non-Monogamy with Wanderlust Swingers

Aussies, Podcasters & Shamelessly Non-Monogamous

G’Day everyone, thanks for stopping by our website! We’re C&D the Aussie podcast duo that loves to share our journey and wicked sense of humour with you all on our fortnightly podcast. We’ve been together for over 13 years, we started in a monogamous relationship and for the past 8 years we’ve been non-monogamous. 

We’d love you to drop by and listen to our podcast, read our blogs, subscribe to our newsletter and engage with us. We love talking with other sex positive people all over the world and cannot wait to hear your story.

What we talk about on the Podcast

Curious about what we talk about on our podcast? Here is an inside look at what we talk about, cover and what you can expect from us every 2 weeks.


We started our relationship as friends, moved to a monogamous relationship and now we’re in an ethically nonmonogamous relationship for the past 8 years. We’ve learned a lot and we talk about all this and more on our podcast. Join us for laughs, slips and sexy times. 


We love to travel and try new things. Wondering what swinger clubs are worth visiting or what swinger resort or swinger event is worth the cost? We review every event we attend and we weigh the pro’s and con’s on our website. If you follow our social accounts we also often share daily updates live. 


There’s nothing more awesome than hearing diverse stories about sex positivity and we absolutely love bringing interviews to our listeners. We talk to book authors, event hosts, other nonmonogamous couples, singles and do our best to bring a non-bias view to our podcast. 


We often share insightful tips on how we’ve managed to successfully change our relationship from monogamous to non-monogamous. You’re welcome to learn from our mistakes, inspirations and how we have managed to work through issues. 

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We are just so humbled by all of the podcast reviews we receive, they make us feel like the time spent creating content is completely worthwhile. Thank you for your feedback and kind words!!

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A down to earth, insightful and hilarious podcast that really showcases the very real side to the lifestyle – positives, negatives and everything in between! C&D are fantastic hosts, who make Swinging Downunder an easy and enjoyable listen!


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Not only are you both hilarious, entertaining, and awesome to listen to, you’re also amazing lifestyle advocates. You’re honest and such a great representation of what an ethical non-monogamous lifestyle can be. Thank you for making us laugh and teaching at the same time. You guys rock!


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I listen to so many podcasts about relationships, sex, and love. This podcast was the first one I poured my heart out to and OMG actaully got a response. A thoughtful, compassionate response. What can I say? I have a new friend.


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The WSP Team

A team can still be two people and a dog right? Here’s a bit about C&D…


Podcast junkie, Runner, Dog lover
38 years old 
Wine addict
Trouble maker


Disrupter, Pilot, Crazy Aussie
48 years old 
Pizza Lover
Certified Insane


Official WSP Mascot 
Enjoys Pork
Sleeping and long walks 
Furry Friend

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If you haven’t followed us on social media, you’re missing out on all the fun! Join us on Twitter & Instagram for engagement in the lifestyle community, we’re all about learning and being part of your journey.If you haven’t followed us on social media, you’re missing out on all the fun! Join us on Twitter & Instagram for engagement in the lifestyle community, we’re all about learning and being part of your journey.


Questions or Comments?

Curious about the nonmonogamous lifestyle? How you can discuss nonmonogamy with your partner or have feedback about our podcast or blog? Drop us an email and we will get back to you, we may even share the questions on our podcast! We love hearing about your journey, thoughts on open relationships or requests to have us join your event or media outlet.