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Each of the brands, companies, websites and links listed below are companies we believe are suporting the efforts to normalize nonmonogamy. We do not mention or support brands we wouldn’t use or who we believe do not operate ethically or morally and in the spirit of supporting the lifestyle community.

Some of the links mentioned below are affiliates which means that we may receive a 5-10% commisson from any sales, others are just because we want to suport them in their endeavour to normalize nonmonogamy and support our alternative lifestyle community. 

Swinging Lifestyle Dating Sites

We are often asked which swingers dating site is the best one to use and where can swingers meet other likeminded people. Essentially “how the heck can we find couples to swing with?”. If you’re looking for the best swingers dating site or how to find other swingers, here are the sites we use below. 

All swinger dating sites focus on a specific geographical location so we always suggest to use the free trial periods before you commit to membership.

Seek, Discover, Connect (Europe/USA)

When ever we travel around the world, over to USA, Europe or in foreign countries we use Seek, Discover, Create (SDC) to find like minded people for sexy dates and more.

You can add events, a travel agenda or even attend SDC hosted events all over the world.

Popular through Europe, Asia and some parts of the USA with 3 millions users globally!

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RedHotPie (Australia)

Australia’s BEST Lifestyle Dating Site!

Since we started our lifestyle journey in Australia, we have been big fans of RedHotPie also known as RHP for finding other like-minded ethically non-monogamous couples.

We highly recommend them for anyone who is travelling downunder or lives in Australia to jump online and give them a go.

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Double Date Nation (USA)

A new lifestyle dating site launched in 2020 by Dave and Andi, a lifestyle couple based in Nashville.

Their site is fresh, extremely modern, inclusive of all and the security is second to none!  The new mobile app just launched & is a game changer.

DDN are building their community & would love your support, try DDN today for 1 month free using code Wanderlust and download the app today.

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Kasidie Swingers Dating (USA)

IThe site is filled with swinger profiles, parties, travel, reviews and articles, along with relevant utilities, tools, features and of course, fun!

Started in 2006 as an online magazine catering to over 25 million swingers worldwide, in 2008 Kasidie was enhanced with a custom, proprietary swingers social network that enables the community to connect, meet and communicate in ways never before available.

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Spicy Match (Europe)

If you’re looking for a swingers site around Europe you definately need to check out Spicy Match

Heavily used around France, Slovania, Croatia and Italy. You’ll definately find a couple OR a Spicy Match event to match your desire. 

If you’re heading to Cap D’Agde this is the ONLY site to connect on, they do full resort takeovers better than anyone else in the lifestyle. 

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Discreet Lobby (Canada/USA)

A brand new mobile app is launching! Bring on the revolution of the swinging lifestyle meeting the 21st century 

This new app out of Canada builds upon the fundamentals of lifestyle sites and allows users to connect joint accounts under the 1 membership fee! Rate profiles, chat on the app, find likeminded swingers near you for hot dates and scope out swinging lifestyle events. 

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Patreon, Swingers Resorts & More

Here’s how you can support us directly, some of our fellow content creators as well as get yourself access to some health and fun. 

If you book your swinging lifestyle holiday through us and it’s your first time at a clothing optional resort, we are happy to arrange a skype chat with you on what to expect at your first swingers resort.

Patreon Bonus Content

Our Patreon account is where we host exclusive behind the scenes content, host live podcasts and update you with a monthly VLOG. 

It’s our way of saying THANK YOU for the extra support. By becoming a Patreon you’ll be the real MVP of the podcast & you’ll be helping us tremendously.

We have multiple tiers and you can support us from only $1 per month

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Casual Toys Sex Toys

You may know Mickey and Mallory from their lifestyle podcast Casual Swinger; they’ve created a toy website to bring you the latest bedroom products to keep it casual and sexy.

Check out the Mallory approved toys and find out what’s heating up their bedroom.

Casual Toys are offering our listeners an amazing 15% Discount on ANY toy; spend over $69 and you’ll also get free shipping. Use code: WANDERLUST

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STD Check (online)

Get $10 off your sexually transmitted infection tests online, follow our link and get a discount whilst remaining safe.

STi testing and remaining healthy and safe during your swinging lifestyle journey is super important to many of us.

You can grab your tests online from the privacy of your house, results are 100% confidential.

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Desire Pearl Resort (Mexico)

We’ve Been to Desire Pearl in 2017 + again in 2018, listen to our experiences in Episode 57 and Episode 58 

Desire Pearl Resort is the more intimate Desire property with a larger pool & jacuzzi. 

Book through our link & we will skype chat to answer any Q’s you have about your first time at a Swingers Resort

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Desire Riviera Maya (Mexico)

Our first visit to Desire was in 2016 & we did a 2 part series on our time there, listen to our first experiences at a Swingers Resort with Episode 28 & Part 2 

Our friends also share their first experience through a guest blog

The original Desire resort has more rooms on property with a more intimate pool & a rooftop Jacuzzi

Book Desire Riviera Maya

Hedonism Resort (Jamaica)

Hedonism Resort is the original lifestyle clothing optional destination!

With over 250 rooms available onsite, multipel pools, restaurants and events, it is by far the largest swinging lifestyle destination  with all inclusive room, cocktails, theme nights and events! 

We’re heading to Hedonism Resort Jamaica for the first time in November 2021, we’d love you to join us!

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ASN Lifestyle Magazine

Each month Mike and Sheri (based out of Orlando, USA) publish a sex positive, alternative lifestyle magazine, welcome to ASN Lifestyle

Full of articles from experts and sexperts alike, each month you’ll find reviews of events, photo’s, articles on important lifestyle topics & hear from sex positive people from all over the world! 

It’s a free monthly magazine just for the alternative lifestyle! 

Read it here