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What is Cuckolding? What is Cuckqueening? Many people incorrectly assume that this fetish involves only humiliation. We interview Dr Justin
Wanderlust Swingers
Swinging Downunder Podcast is taking a (potentially) indefinite hiatus! We have so many changes coming for 2021 and we're excited
How have your swinger boundaries or swinger rules changed over the years? We delve into our changes from our 5-6
Curious about some of the most commonly searched google terms about swinging, swinging lifestyle, hotwifing, cuckolding and more? We dig
Skirt Club
Ever heard of the Skirt Club? Global Sex Positive events for women who want to explore their sexuality in a
Some swingers say that the holy grail of swinging is a 4-way connection... what about putting together a 6-Some play
swinging questions
We answer your questions about the swinging lifestyle, want to know what we think about balancing the swinging lifestyle? What
Are you curious what happens at a swinging lifestyle Halloween party? Is Halloween your favorite swinging time of the year?
swinging lifestyle gangbang
Don't want the hassle of arranging your own swinging lifestyle gangbang? Would rather outsource your gangbang requirements to a 3rd
The Game Of Lifestyle
Curious how to transition from Swinging Lifestyle dates to some sexy fun? Just want to know more about your dates