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Montreal Swingers Club Le Club L Review

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Montreal Swingers Club Le Club L Review

Montreal Swingers Club

Montreal Swingers Club

We decided to head to Le Club L Swingers Club whilst we were travelling around Canada and went with some friends from Ottawa. Here is our review.

Spoiler; A great club, well laid out with thought put into the decor, DJ and ambiance.

There are lots of reviews on Toronto based clubs here but I couldn’t find much outside of that, anyone heading to Montreal, I would highly suggest you check this place out.

Their website is https://www.leclubl.com/

Membership Requirements

You do need to sign up online before you attend the club and pay a membership fee on arrival. You can buy a 1 month membership or if you’re a local you can buy something for 6 or 12 months. I included the membership fee into the pricing below as I cannot remember the separate prices, just what we paid total.


Couples ticket for the Friday night we went there (which was a fetish night) was $140 CAD / $104 USD. The entry can only be paid in cash and includes entry and food (no alcohol).

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Bar & Food Services

The bar is fully licensed so you cannot bring your own alcohol, they have a good assortment of wine, cocktails, champagne, beer… really everything you’d want. The bar was well staffed and you didn’t have to wait too long to be served, if you ordered a bottle of wine they would also bring it to your table for you and you could order from them as they were walking past/around as well.

Price wise, it was what I would expect from a club / bar

Along with your entry to this club, food is free, we had some poutine at the end of the night after play and it was actually really good.

Dance Floor + Lounge

Once you enter the club they have ample seating on the main floor and mezzanine floor of the club. The main floor has dining room tables, high tables and a well stocked bar with bar stools, the DJ there was ON POINT, I couldn’t fault his choice of music, transitions and volume.

On the mezzanine you have more seating, a love couch, some more tables/chairs and some wraparound booths.


They have a unisex bathroom behind the bar area on the lower level, it was clean and had mouthwash and everything you’d need.


All the playrooms are located on the 2nd floor of the club, they have various private rooms that you can close the doors on with little windows for people to take a look. Inside the rooms they have a wash basin, towels, wipes, condoms and lube, they were very well stocked.

They also had couches, liberator furniture, a St Andrews cross and small BDSM area as well as some larger playrooms and an orgy boardroom style that overlooks the dance floor.

  • If you are new to the club, you must take a playroom tour by a host and receive information about consent and rules, this is mandatory before you are permitted on level 2.

Single Men

I believe they do permit single men into the club, however, whilst I couldn’t find exact verbiage on this I did find this reference on their website

  • Single men ‘accompanying’ must at all times go upstairs accompanied. The same goes for men in a couple, they must be with their spouse when they visit the 2nd floor.

Demographic and types of people

Now this is where my partner and I disagree, he believes that the people there were very similar to what we see in the USA. I believe they are more like what we see in European clubs which is generally a younger demographic that is dressed well and sexy.

So we should meet somewhere in the middle I guess… maybe I had rose coloured, post orgasm glasses on?


They are located 20ish minutes drive outside of the gayborhood in Montreal where we were staying.


Trying to think of some, the social media posts they make on Instagram are in French… that is really me trying to find something. Oh I know, you have to pay in cash at the door, they do have an ATM in the lobby area but personally I like paying by card, we had to make 2 internationally cash withdraws, 1 to get into the club and then a 2nd to close out our tab, the transaction fees from the ATM cost us an extra $30 in international fee’s.

A slightly small thing was that the beds I believe were made from elevated japanese tatami mat which is not the most comfy of materials, but honestly, that is me digging for some balance here. They were perfectly suitable and the rooms were cleaned after every use so that is an A+.

All the above being said, if I had this club near me, I’d be more than happy to be a patron as a home base.

Disclaimer: post is NOT SPONSORED we paid our ticket to the event.

Want to hear more about This Montreal Swingers Club?

We recorded an episode about our amazing time at this club plus some sexy BDSM swing fun with our friends from Canada. This is one hot episode that we definately recommend listening to. Listen in here

Montreal Swingers Club

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