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Penthouse Playrooms Swingers Club Review

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Penthouse Playrooms Swingers Club Review

Penthouse Playrooms Swingers Club

Penthouse Playrooms Swingers Club

We decided to host an event at Penthouse Playrooms in the UK as they allowed us to takeover the entire club, this was the first time I had visited the club and I wanted to give a review here for anyone heading to England to visit Swingrs Clubs.

This club is not talked about often and that is a shame as it is a decent club and the owners since launching in 2021 have continued to improve the venue.

Spoiler; A good club, a little far out from London if that is where you are headed but well worth the visit. Tidy, lots of rooms, lots of space, outdoor area, food trucks, fully licenced bar, good DJ.

Penthouse Playrooms Swingers Club website https://www.penthouseplayrooms.com/

Membership Requirements

You do not have to have a membership here, however, there are perks to doing so like discounted tickets, happy hour and special drink prices etc https://www.penthouseplayrooms.com/membership

The only exception to membership requirements is that single men MUST be a member


Prices range from $15 for single ladies / T-Girls to $45 for couples for non-members, as metnioned above you do get a discount for being a member. These prices are for non takeover / special event nights so make sure you check the website for more information. This includes entry only, you will need to buy your own drinks from the bar.

Bar & Food Services

The club is a licenced bar, this means that you cannot BYOB and have to make use of the fully serviced bar on site. They have cocktails, liquors, wine and beer as well as bottles of wine/champagne/sparkling for sale.

Prices are resonable and you can pay in cash or by card. The bar is well set up and during our event there were 4 bar tenders serving drinks promptly so even though the bar was busy it was very well serviced and I didn’t wait too long for a drink.

Occasionally there is a local food truck that stops by around 10.30pm – 11pm and leaves around 3am. This is a 3rd party and not owned by the club, he accepts cash / card and sells burgers, chips, wings and all the yummy things you want for a 2am post sex nibble.

Wet Area

They have a wet area on the bottom level of the club, this contains a large 6 person shower and 2 x hot tubs to use, the usual rules apply and you shouldn’t have sex in the hottubs. I met with the owner who explained the cleaning process to me and they are very strict about this, they don’t let people with fake tan enter the hot tub as this ruins the process. Great to hear they take hygeine seriously.

They do not supply towels for free so you can either rent one on site OR you can bring your own towel.

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Outdoor Area

They have a large outdoor area / smoking area off the bottom floor, it has couches and an outdoor fire place. This is also where the food truck will stop on busy club nights.

Dance Floor + Lounge

On level 2 of the club you’ll find the bar area, dance floor and multiple mingle areas. This club has a number of lounge spaces where you can relax, chat and dance. They have mingle areas near the bar and at the rear of the club so if you’re feeling like flirting and connecting with someone, there is ample space to do so before heading to a playroom.

The dance floor has a dance pole and a cage in the middle and next to the DJ booth. They have resident DJ’s on staff to keep the party going. There is a balcony with some seating that also overlooks the dance floor so you can have the vibe of the music and party with a little extra privacy.


They have unisex bathrooms on the ground level and more bathrooms up on level 2. They were a little busy at one point when folks started dressing down but otherwise were clean and tidy.


Here’s where I need to get stuck into the detail a little as they have 25 different playrooms on site! Yes 25, this would have to be some of the most playrooms we’ve seen in a club before. Honestly, if you cannot find a space to play in with this club than that is a you problem because Penthouse Playrooms Swingers Club have gone out of their way to provide something for everyone.

  • Ground Floor
    • Dungeon – Brand new dungeon, when we visited the site they had only just knocked down the dungeon wall and created a bigger space. There is a LOT of equipment in here including a bed, the usual St Andrews cross, flogging bench and a ton of other things I know nothing about. They occasionally have a Dungeon master on hand and have clearly labelled rules about the dungeon as you enter. If you’re interested in some BDSM / Kink play, I can see this being a very valuable space for you.
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  • 2nd Floor
    • This is where the bulk of the playrooms are and there are too many to list so here goes.
    • Couples Only room, they do have a couples only section with a large space, a bed, multiple couches and a TV. This room contains a special 1 way mirror for those exhibitionists out there but you can also close the curtain if you do want privacy.
    • Themed Rooms, there are a few themed rooms like police area, red light district area, a grotto area, a room with a swing in it and more.
    • Orgy Room, they have an orgy room on site for group play
    • Private rooms, they have multiple private rooms with doors and locks for those people who might want a little privacy
    • Theatre Room, they have a very large theatre room which plays porn on a cinema size screen. At the top of the theatre room there are also extra beds for those that want to play in here.

Single Men

Single men are permitted to some of the events held at Penthouse Playrooms Swingers Club, it is best to check the website for which events. They have specific events where single men are welcomed and even special LGBTQIA+ nights where single men are welcome.

Single men must request membership and have a verified profile on a local dating site, with recent meets and verifications from other members.

Demographic and types of people

The average age range according to their website is mid 20’s through to 40’s, we were only there on a takeover night so this might be different to the normal group there. Our crew was early 30’s to mid 40’s mostly.

Cleanliness and Hygiene

They have cleaning products, wipes and bins in all of the playrooms.

However I do wish they would have some puppy mats or larger clean up towels / paper for people that squirt. Some of the beds are vinyl/plastic covered and some are linen covered so it would be good to have some extra incentive for the more robust players to clean up after themselves if there were more options.

Other Information

  • They have a small locker area and coat rack when you first enter the club (after reception), you must pay a cash deposit for the keys and these are a first come, first served basis.

Location + Nearby Accommodation to Penthouse Playrooms Swingers Club

They are located in Dunstable/Luton area which is approx 1 hour 30 minutes north of London City, they are located very close to the Luton airport which is where we flew into from Amsterdam for only $80 return (Boom).

The closest accommodation is the Premier Inn Dunstable / Luton, you can get to the club via Uber or Taxi’s.


They dont have a lot of water stations around the venue so you have to get water from the bar (there was 1 small one but I’m a sucker for hydration), this is slightly inconvenient but is ok. The location is not the best in the world in the suburbs but that’s not what I’m visiting for and I’d like to see some puppy mats etc in the rooms as mentioned above.

Otherwise, great club, lots of rooms, perfect staff, everyone was friendly, ample mingle space, lot of diversity! A real gem for England clubs and I hope they keep growing and growing!


Have you been to Penthouse Playrooms Swingers Club? Would love to hear what you think!

Penthouse Playrooms Swingers Club Tour/Walkthrough

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Penthouse Playrooms Swingers Club

Disclaimer: post is NOT SPONSORED we paid our ticket to the club

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