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Shameless Care ED Medication

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Shameless Care ED Medication

Shameless Care

Shameless Care Wait? What?

My experience with Erectile Dysfunction medication was pretty unexpected. I’m an exhibitionist, I love the play room vibe, my “fuck it list “ number one item is a full on orgy with lots of people I know and I’m comfortable with.  I’ve always been able to perform and have almost no refractory period, that is until an event in 2022 when my dream “almost” came true. 

A little back story

Libertine Events Palm Springs was amazing for NotYourAverageMrs, she had some epic separate play sessions, Play so good it was really difficult for me to comprehend how she felt. She kept telling me she hoped I’d have a similar experience so I could understand,  not long after Palm Springs that happened, kinda. I really connected with a woman at wordless speed dating at a hotel takeover, the chemistry was instant and very strong. The four of us had a play session, and it was great. NotYourAverageMrs had a separate play session scheduled the next night, and the woman I connected with was available for time with me alone at that same time. 

Now this is pretty funny, we went to her room and got started. I know we aren’t supposed to have expectations, but NotYourAverageMrs had an epic three hour play session in Palm Springs, I’m thinking we will have at least an hour. WRONG! 15 minutes in the door opens, her husband didn’t realize we would be in their room, but NotYourAverageMrs is in mine so here we are. No big deal, it’s just a few more people. Then the phone rings, more on the way.

Next thing I know the room is full, I mean full. 15 additional people at least, them fully clothed, us naked.  It’s only slightly awkward as we go around introducing ourselves and discussing our boundaries. At this point life has deviated so far from my expectations my head is spinning, and my normally reliable “downstairs bits” aren’t just not working, I can tell it’s an irrecoverable situation so while the orgy commences I excuse myself.  I take the long way to our room, and have pleasant memories of the entire trip, but I got an unexpected souvenir, doubt.

It doesn’t just affect me so I pursue help

Early in our ENM journey NotYourAverageMrs had several experiences with men that were unable to perform, I saw it really get in her head. She knew it wasn’t her, but after it happened several times it really got difficult not to wonder if it was her. I didn’t want any woman that invited me to play to go through that so when I had trouble during our next experience I went immediately to my primary care Dr. and got an RX for Tadalafil. I’m not a fan of it because I experienced severe heartburn and nasal congestion but my performance was back to a satisfactory level. Next, I used an online vendor to get Sildenafil, I prefer it as I don’t get such intense side effects with it.

Wanderlust calls

Cate sent out a newsletter mentioning that a new lifestyle owned medical provider Shameless Care was now a sponsor of Libertine Events Miami (an event we’re going to in October 2023) and I thought I’d give them a try. Having used both my primary care Dr and another online vendor I felt like I was in a particularly good position to review their services and I wanted to support a Lifestyle brand that supports the events I attend.

My Shameless Care experience

Shameless, seamless, simple.  8:30pm I went to the shamelesscare.com site, by 9pm I had entered all the necessary information. The website is well laid out, looks great,  and is easy to navigate. A few days later a doctor licensed in my state contacted me via video message and gave me all the details about dosages, potential side effects and things to watch for. The next day my competitively priced RX was shipped.  A company that supports the lifestyle means a lot to me, that they actually deliver is required.  I had wondered about the quality of the meds I received from the other online vendor because they didn’t seem to have the same effect as what I picked up locally. I have no doubt about the quality of the ED meds I received from Shameless Care. I tested them on a recent trip to Hedo, for science of course.   

Gratuitous pic from an amazing night at Hedo. 

No shame guys

For us this ENM adventure we are on is about making great connections, real friendships, and especially, making sexual fantasies come true. Both ours and the people we play with.  These experiences include a lot of things that can hinder performance. New locations, new partners, sometimes people knocking on or opening the playroom door, or my personal favorite erection killer, NotYourAverageMrs dropping an epic pun during play. 

Before my experience with the surprise orgy I never thought about having performance issues, but after that, once I had doubt, I experienced issues. It’s amazing how powerful that thing between our ears is at derailing what’s between our legs.  I know we can have a good time if I can’t get hard, but it’s like music without drums, fun but you can’t rock without drums. 

This is why I like having ED meds available, I may only get one chance to help deliver a fantasy experience and since providers like Shamelesscare.com make it easy to have ED meds available I see no reason to risk missing out on living a lifestyle most people can only fantasize about.


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If you’re interested to learn more about Shameless Care and their options for discreet Erectile Dysfunction medication, head over to their website and use code LIBERTINE to get $30 off your first order.

Shameless Care
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