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10 definitive ways to save money on your next Swingers Hotel Takeover or Swingers Vacation

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10 definitive ways to save money on your next Swingers Hotel Takeover or Swingers Vacation

Credit Card Kinkiness and Points Pleasure

Turn your credit card into a pleasure tool! Earn 150 points per week while buying $100/month groceries and $50/week of food that’s $7,800 points minimum per year just by buying things you normally would!

Swipe right on those points to snag flight discounts. Don’t forget to get cozy with a local airline card for bonus points – just ensure your card doesn’t catch feelings (pay it off monthly).

Payment Plan Seduction

Get naughty with a payment plan for a smoother monthly spend.

Extend your ecstasy by using your credit card to pay, giving you an extra 30 days for each payment. Book early, pay small – it’s like foreplay for your finances.

Flight Fantasies

Use credit card points and set up a Google flight tracker for sales seduction.

Check multiple airports; Fort Lauderdale might be more budget-friendly than the high-maintenance Miami International. Fly frugally, arrive fabulously.

Room Picnic Passion

Spice things up with 1-2 meals in your room. Get snacks from CVS, Walgreens, or your flirty food delivery service.

Check if your room has a fridge and microwave – you know, for late-night cravings. Don’t forget to show some love to the on-site facilities; you don’t want to bankrupt your hosts with your own private buffet.

Book Early for Budget Bliss

Secure the most economical room by booking early.

Take advantage of the longest payment plan. Because nothing says sexy like planning ahead and saving some cash.

Affiliate Affection

Join a swinger Facebook group or round up your pals for affiliate love.

Get 10% from each booking you make. Sharing is caring, especially when it comes to savings.

Extra Costs Exposé

Keep your costs low with post-Halloween sales at Yandy.com or your local costume shop.

Recycle and upcycle those sexy outfits. Birthday gift cards? Use them for flights, taxis, or even that extra-special costume accessory.

Carpooling Carnival

Save on taxis by coordinating arrivals with fellow thrill-seekers.

Turn that cab ride into a shared adventure with newfound friends. It’s all about budget-friendly bonhomie.

Helping Hands and Budget Bliss

Get a discounted event rate by lending a helping hand.

If you’ve got skills, they might let you host a seminar. Your knowledge could be the hottest commodity on the itinerary.

Budget Like a Boss

Set a monthly budget for your sexy escapades. Don’t forget the small things:

  – Event ticket

  – Flights + luggage

  – Travel insurance

  – Taxis/transit

  – Costumes + accessories

  – Food and beverage

  – Merchandise purchases

  – Room décor splurges

Keep it hot and budget-friendly, because saving money should be as satisfying as the adventure itself

Just the EXTRA Tip!

Have good lifestyle friends that wouldn’t drive you up the wall to vacation with? Why not share a room with them in a double quad room, sometimes you can save upwards of 30% by splitting a room and ticket costs with friends.

What did I miss?

Do you have any other tips on savings for Swingers Vacations and Resorts? Let’s chat

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