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Fata Morgana Swingers Club Amsterdam Review

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Fata Morgana Swingers Club Amsterdam Review

swingers club amsterdam

Swingers Club Amsterdam

We decided to head to Fata Morgana Swingers Club last night and I wanted to let you all know what we thought.

Spoiler; The BEST club we have ever been to from a set up and decor perspective

It’s not a club that is commonly talked about in the subreddit so anyone in the UK, Europe or coming over might be interested to know more.

Their webiste is https://www.fata-morgana.nl/

Membership Requirements

Zero membership requirements and no forms to fill in, we bought our tickets online so we just had to scan a barcode to enter the property. There was no line or waiting at all, easy peasy.


Couples ticket for Saturday night was 150 Euro ($150 USD), this is all inclusive for food and drinks as well as entry. Single ladies are 50% off the couple fee, single men aren’t permitted.

Swingers Podcast

Bar & Food Services

As mentioned above, this club is all inclusive so food and drinks are free (included in door price). They have a great main bar area and all the standard drinks you’d like (wines, beers etc) they also have liquor included, they have standard brands and higher end brands all included.

They have a restaurant off the side that is available until 3am, the selection was a buffet style with meats, salads, pasta, veggies + more. They had coffee, juice and dessert available. Food was good, it’s not fantastic but that’s to be expected, we did enjoy the food we ate, I’d say it is standard pub quality.

Wet Area

It wouldn’t be a Swingers Club Amsterdam without an indoor spa / heated pool area! The Dutch love a hot tub and sauna. They also have showers and ample towels for everyone. A really great area to socialize and get a little sexy

Outdoor Area

Fantastic! Check out the photos online, https://www.fata-morgana.nl/sfeerimpressie/ they have a pool and an Ibiza style set up. This is the area they host their Sunday pool parties in BUT it’s also open during parties. We sat outside last night and the air was crisp and gorgeous. I wish the outside pool was warmer but honestly… it’s still so awesome.

Dance Floor + Lounge

Located in the center of the club with a DJ playing some great music, chairs surround the outskirts and there are some high tables as well. They have truss set up with lights and all the bells and whistles. A great set up overall.

They have 2 major lounge areas outside of the DJ area where you can socialize with the ambiance but still talk, lots of seating available and another 2 help yourself bar areas with juices, sodas and more.


They have a few bathrooms on site and they were never too crowded, clean and contained everything you’d need.

Swingers Club Amsterdam Playrooms

So good! There are playrooms everyone, group rooms, BDSM type room with a St Andrews cross, sex swing and more. There’s private rooms with doors, orgy rooms, rooms above the dance floor so you can play and listen to the DJ / watch ppl dance. They have peep holes, classy areas and a dark room on site. Towels are EVERYWHERE and the whole thing was classy and sensual with drapes, decor, lighting all perfect.

Single Men

Single men are not permitted at this club, it’s couples and single women only.

Demographic and types of people

The average age range was approx 35-45 with some younger and older mixed in as well. Mostly the women were in fine form, fit and looked after themselves. There was a disparity in the men however with perahps 30-40% of the men not being in a ‘good condition’ or dressing well. We noticed guys walking in with shorts and t-shirts on whilst their partners were in dresses, heels and make up/hair done.

When it was 11pm and the mandatory dress down occured, there was a LOT of eye candy when looking at the ladies, you can tell people are doing their best to look good. We have to admit that this Swingers Club Amsterdam had some of the sexiest looking people joining in, we cannot wait to see it packed with sexy bodies one night.

Other Information

  • Mandatory dress down at 11pm, everyone must get into lingerie
  • Pool parties on Sunday in summer months
  • Water stations are everywhere which was fantastic A+


They are located 20ish minutes drive outside Amsterdam


There is no close accommodation, the closest one we found was 10 minutes drive and there are no public transit options to the club so you have to get a taxi.

It was a little quiet for a Swingers Club Amsterdam when we went, they have tons of space so we’d love to see this club full to it’s potential.

Disclaimer: post is NOT SPONSORED we paid our ticket to the event.

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Swingers Club Amsterdam
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