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Thanks for stopping by our Swinger Blog all about the Swinging Lifestyle and for couples/singles interested in swinging, wife swapping, hotwifing, sex with strangers or just wanting to explore being a swinger. We’re excited to share a diverse looking into swinging.

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We cover a little bit of everything in our blog, from our wanderlust travel adventures to event reviews, sex toy reviews, sex blogs, swinger blogs and everything in between about the swinging lifestyle.

Ever wanted to know more about an open lifestyle with your partner? If you’re an open minded couple looking for a swingers blog written by a swinging couple than you’ve come to the right place.

Are you a swinger considering getting a boob job? People think a lot of swingers have breast implants and I'm here to help stop the taboo topic. As always let’s start with why I’ve written such an asshole-ish title. Over the past 12 months on twitter I have noticed that

      Tell us a bit about yourself; Mr: I’m Mr. Smith. Well, at least in the LS community that’s what I go by. I’m a 30-something who runs his own business meaning 90% of what I do is marketing. Mrs. Smith and I met 20 years ago. We’re

        Tell us a bit about yourself; Mr. - Most would know us as u/Osa242 on Reddit. We’ve been active on there for 2 plus years and a moderator of r/swingers for the past year. Most of the writing on there is me, but from time to

Are you looking for Swingers Event Tips with some practical tips for attending a Swingers Club or Swingers Hotel Takeover? Read on lovers Pre-Event Preparation Aside from the obvious purchase of event tickets, hotel room confirmation, budget, airfares etc etc etc.. there’s other things you’ll need to consider when prepping

G'Day Friends, We're super excited to share with you a recent article on us published in ASN Lifestyle Magazine, you can check out the full magazine here  For the February edition of ASN we share our experiences travelling the world and what differences each country has on their approach to

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