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Vanilla Alternative Swingers Club Review

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Vanilla Alternative Swingers Club Review

Vanilla Alternative Swingers Club

Vanilla Alternative Swingers Club

We visited Vanilla Alternative in April 2022, we had a weekend away in England visiting a few clubs and attending a party with the bed hoppers podcast.

This post however is about the Vanilla Alternative Club which is located 1.5-2 hours north of London. It’s not a club that is commonly talked about so anyone in the UK, Europe or coming over might be interested to know more.

Their webiste is https://va2.co.uk/

Membership Requirements

All people attending Vanilla Alternative Swingers Club must be members of this club, we recommend to do the membership before hand so you’re good to go on the night. Single men especially should submit their membership application. The membership is a formality and the club has a very open door policy on people from all walks of life. Membership is free.


Couples tickets are 45 pounds each ($56 USD), single ladies are 15 pounds and single men (Friday nights) are 45 pounds. VERY resonably priced entry

Bar Services

This location is a licenced bar so there is no BYO allowed or required on site (great for us as we were travelling). They have wines, beers, cocktails…. basically everything you can need. They do charge for bottled water rather than it being free.

Price wise, I thought the price of drinks was resonable, nothing you wouldn’t pay at a bar.

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Wet Area

They have a very large hot tub area, it’s probably the largest one I’ve seen at a club before and by 9pm it was packed. There’s also a shower in this area and playbeds.

Dance Floor

They have a recently converted dance floor area with disco balls and lights as well as a DJ stand. I don’t believe they have a resident DJ but mix playlists for normal nights and get a DJ in on their special event nights.


There are bathrooms in a few locations on the property, I found them to be tidy, soap was filled etc.


Vanilla Alternative Swingers Club has a lot of play areas on site. They have a dungeon area which has a sex swing, St Andrews cross, paddle board and glory hole areas. There is also a couples only play area on site with multiple beds, a massage table and a liberator.

Inside the Hot Tub area they also have more beds lining the sides of the rooms so there’s lots of area for play if you like. They don’t have private rooms so you cannot close anything off, there is 1 room which has a little curtain to pull shut but no fully private or closed door playareas.

Single Men

Single men are permitted on site on Fridays and during special events but make sure you submit membership for approval.

On Site Accommodation

A real benefit of this club is the onsite accommodation particularly if you’re travelling or you don’t want to go far. The rooms range in price from 45 pounds ($56 USD) to 85 pounds ($106 USD) per night. They are basic but have everything you could need, they are above the club but honestly we didn’t hear too much noise when we went to bed at 2am and had an easy night sleep.

Check it out here https://va2.co.uk/about-us/


They are located 1.5-2 hours north of London City.


If you aren’t local to the area they are a bit of a hike if you’re travelling through from another country. There isn’t really easy access to the club via train etc so we had to hire a car and drive from London. For locals around the UK however, it’s brilliant as a lot of them drove and the pricing is good.

No Towels, I found this a little odd and I don’t know if this is a post covid situation or not but they don’t offer towels which means if you want to play or go into the hot tub you need to bring your own.

Lux Lounge

They have an outdoor area that opens in Summer and they open the club early to enjoy the hot tub, it wasn’t yet open during our visit but that would be a fun addition. Check it here¬†https://va2.co.uk/lux-lounge/

Disclaimer: post is NOT SPONSORED we paid our ticket to the event and paid our room on site.

Want to see more of Vanilla Alternative Swingers Club?

We did a full walkthrough on our YouTube channel, check it out below

Vanilla Alternative Swingers Club

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