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Swinging in Croatia – What’s it really like?!

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Swinging in Croatia – What’s it really like?!

swinging in croatia

Curious what swinging in Croatia is like? Or are you looking for swingers in Croatia? Perhaps you want to know what it’s like compared to your home town? We explore the past 6 months of swinging in Croatia and share our thoughts

We moved to Zagreb the capital of Croatia in January this year. Having just rebranded our podcast to Wanderlust Swingers we think it’s about time we wrote about Swinging in Croatia.

Firstly, swinging in Europe is completely different than swinging in Australia or the USA/Canada, naturally the people are different but it’s the approach to the swinging lifestyle that is very obvious from the moment you join a dating site to attending a party.

We have been on numerous dates with connections found from dating sites, 2 parties, a swingers bar and now the only swingers club in Croatia. We feel like we’ve got a decent grip on swinging in Croatia.

Transient people

Now that the international boarders are opening and COVID vaccination passports are becoming more prevalent we are seeing an influx of travellers to Croatia. Travellers however tend to head straight for the beautiful coastline in Croatia and aren’t usually spotted visiting the city.

The only club in Croatia is in the northern coastline so if you find yourself up in Rovinj, head to Anaconda club. The two dominant sites here in Croatia are Spicy Match and Forbidden Fruit

Anaconda Swingers Club

This is the only swingers club location in Croatia and is in Rovinj right near the nudist village Valata. The club operates seasonally meaning that it is only open during the summer / warming months and not in winter. And this is with good reason too as half the club is located outdoors.

Each year the club tries to create something new and during COVID / winter shutdown the club completely renovated its downstairs area.  The club now requires all attendees to be vaccinated and show evidence of a vaccination card or EU vaccination passport at the door which gave us a sense of safety.

Upstairs is the main area of the club, the entrance, pool table area, outdoor mingle area, bar, lockers and more. Downstairs is where the fun really begins with a brand new play area. Theatre room, glory holes, private rooms, open rooms & some BDSM equipment is complete in the Anaconda Swingers Club.

During our visit there was an event takeover at the club with 500 guests in attendance. The space (while abundant) with this many guests was difficult to enjoy the downstairs area which became unusable. Our recommendation if you are looking to make a connection would be to go on a non-event night and make sure that you check the dating sites first for others who might be attending. If you’re keen to be in the thick of it and dance with strangers than definitely go, on an event night.

To hear more about our experience with Anaconda Club head to our swingers podcast Wanderlust Swingers on iTunes.

White (weiße) Swingers Bar

We dropped by this location eager for a daytime drinking spot to make connections prior to visiting the club. This location was an epic disappointment and an utter waste of time, do yourself a favour and go to a nicer bar and enjoy yourself. Everything from the poor service to the overrun abundance of single men to the ear-piercing DJ set that made 10 couples leave instantly made us regret our decision to attend. Steer clear.  

Avoid this bar & head someone else

Parties and Events

The parties here tend to be all inclusive with food, beverages, and entertainment. We have been to two parties so far in Croatia and to compare them would be like comparing apples and pineapples so here’s a little bit of information about both.

Swingers Podcast

Castle Party

This was a black tie event at a castle with approximately 150 guests in attendance from all over the Balkans. The language was vast but the attendees were the cream of the crop (so to speak). Every guest at the party made an effort to stick to the theme and get dressed up which made the ambiance of the party very sensual. They had performers on site, free flow alcohol with champagne and canapes being served by waitstaff. The onsite photographer snapped this pic of us as we attended the Friday night pre party.

swinging in croatia
Castle Party Friday Night

Overall, this was a great party, great atmosphere and just the right amount of people. If we knew the language and were able to communicate better I have no doubt that we would have made better connections.

Club Takeover

Christmas in July was in full swing at the club takeover event, this event was hosted during the peak tourist season in Rovinj. The accommodation was scarce and the attendee RSVP list was overflowing with more than 500 guests registered to attend. Guests definitely came in droves, the party started quietly with the bulk of guests arriving after 10.30pm (not unusual for swingers parties).

Less than half the attendees dressed in theme (Christmas or red) however there were some sexy club outfits being spotted around the club and spirits were high with many lifestylers coming out of COVID hibernation. Ticket pricing included free flow drinks from the bar and the music was kept inside and to a normal volume which allowed people outside to make connections and people inside the opportunity to dance around the poles and cages.

We wish were able to make more connections during our visit or use the downstairs playroom facilities (which was heaving with sexy naked bodies)

Red for Christmas in July

Cultural approaches

What’s our final say on swinging in Croatia?

Overall, the swinging scene in Croatia is diverse with people coming from neighboring countries to visit the nudist villages, club, and parties here. This means that the language is extremely diverse and so is the approach to swinging. We’ve found that the European approach is more focused on being ‘in the now’ and having sex when the mood strikes rather than making a potentially longer term connection.

We are eager to experience more swinging adventures in Europe, keep a look out as we prepare for swinging in Paris and our first visit to Cap D’Adge this summer!  


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