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Podcast-A-Palooza 2021 Review

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Podcast-A-Palooza 2021 Review

podcast a palooza review

Curious what happens at a Podcast-A-Palooza event? Read on to hear about our experiences attending Podcast-A-Palooza in Miami

We are Honeyspoon from Canada and have been in the lifestyle nearly two years. After a year of border closures, stay home orders, home schooling, and work from home, we were vaxxed, waxed, and ready for the lifestyle event of the year, Podcast-A-Palooza!

Below you will find our full review of the Podcast-A-Palooza hotel takeover in Miami Beach Florida.

Getting connected

Podcast-A-Palooza was our very first hotel takeover and we were admittedly a bit nervous and naïve about what to expect.  Luckily, 6 months prior to the event, a mobile app was launched as an all-in-one event management and social networking platform for PCAP attendees.   It would be an understatement to say the app, was the perfect ice breaker. It allowed attendees to get to know one another, create topics of conversation, and most importantly… share sexy pics. I mean, we are talking about 200 swingers, what else would you expect? 

Considering, PCAP was not officially starting until Friday afternoon, we took the liberty of arriving Wednesday evening at an iconic Hotel in Miami Beach.  The hotel maintains an Art Deco appeal, spacious standard rooms and is perfectly situated oceanfront.  It was the perfect vibe for what was sure to be an unforgettable weekend.

Pre-Podcast-A-Palooza Meet-ups

Thursday morning attendees started arriving and it became overwhelmingly difficult to remember everyone’s swinger handle, stage name or real names.   It became even more complicated when we were off the hotel property trying to determine who was a part of the “secret swinger society” and who was not.  At one point, we had a comical exchange with Kat from the 2HotWives Podcast at a local supermarket, speaking in code to confirm who we were.  

On the way back to the hotel, a couple passing us on the sidewalk shouted “Honeyspoon!”.  Lucky for us, it was a super sexy couple who caught our attention on the app, so we were not complaining.  

Another advantage of the App were meet-ups that were arranged by other attendees on Thursday and Friday.  

Thursday afternoon Sapphic Swingers and Average Swingers had arranged a meet up at Haulover Nude beach for anyone who wanted to join in the fun.  This was another “first” for us considering we had never been to a nude resort or beach before.  It seemed strange to meet people for the first time, wearing nothing but sunscreen and a smile, but all that anxiety went out the window within minutes of meeting everyone.

That same evening, a large group headed to Trapeze for some Pre-PCAP fun, but we had made some plans of our own with two other couples and were happy to pass on the club. 

The following morning, we joined a large group for an amazing Havana cocktail and food tour.  Not only was it the perfect way to get to know everyone, but we had a lot of laughs when the tour guide refused to believe we were an entire group of swingers.

Swingers Podcast

Day 1- Let the party begin. 

Upon returning to the hotel, we got registered and gathered our PCAP bracelets which alleviated our “spot the swinger dilemma”. 

We immediately headed out to the topless pool which took place every day from 1PM to 5PM and ran into Mickey and Mallory from Casual Swingers. These two were one of the first podcasters we listened to in the lifestyle and after months of chatting online with them, we were happy to find out they were as authentic, sweet and sexy as we could have hoped for. 

At one point in the pool, we overheard Mallory mention how incredibly sexy it was to see a woman in a wet T-Shirt, so it makes logical sense to gather Podcast-A-Palooza attendee, Peppy Pineapple to help with a homage to Tawny Kitaen as a surprise for the beautiful Mallory.  

Mrs Honeyspoon with PeppyPineapple

That evening was the Alice in Wonderland theme party.  Everyone’s costumes were unbelievable, the music was fantastic, and after some flirting and dancing, we could not help but head “down the rabbit hole” with the sexy couple from the day before and one of the couples from our first night as a perfect end to a great evening. Boy did they leave a lasting impression…

Day 2 – A surprise visit

We headed out on Saturday morning to get covid tested in preparation for our return to Canada but arrived back in time for the 2HotWives “5 ways for a woman to turbo charge her pleasure on a play date” session.  This resonated for the two of us and gave us an interesting perspective on ways to relax and better enjoy play in the Lifestyle.

Afterwards we headed to the nude pool to find out that Darrell from the Wanderlust Swingers Podcast had flown in from Croatia to surprise Cate which was a wonderful surprise for the rest of us! 

After more fun in the sun, we headed back to our room to get ready for the Dessert Rock Festival party for more dancing and flirting but exhaustion was setting in, so we called it an early night.

Day 3 – All good things must come to an end.

The day started off with a fantastic ladies only Lingerie / Costume swap party hosted by Kat & Am’s from the 2HotWives Podcast.  

Following this we had arranged lunch with our fellow Canucks, Kate, and Liam from the Monogamish Marriage Blog. As fans of their blog, it was great to have some time to get to know them on a more personal level.  Who wouldn’t want to spend time with these two gorgeous and intelligent humans? 

After lunch, we headed back to take in the Sapphic Swingers session and learned some new lady on lady sexual positions. 

These two are not only beautiful inside and out, but they are naturals when it comes to public speaking and their comic timing was impeccable. 

The second session we attended by Casual Swingers was certainly a highlight for us.  These two are as charismatic in person as they are on their show.  They shared two stories that were extremely personal to them. One had us laughing out loud and the other hit close to home and had us pretty choked up by the end.  All that to say, the message was impactful, and we were really happy we attended. 

We headed back to the topless pool to decompress but before we knew it, we were engaged in a flirtatious conversation with a couple we were really attracted to, which eventually lead to an amazing afternoon delight. 

We headed back to our room to get changed for the MTV music Video awards theme party and I do not know if it was the energy of everyone participating or the fact that it was the last night, but the vibe was electric.  There was also no shortage of flirting and kisses exchanged.  It was a perfect way to end the weekend!

Back to Canada

Saying goodbye to new friends on that last day left a lump in our throats and a hole in our hearts.  We have not stopped recollecting this amazing experience and feel so fortunate to have met so many wonderful people. 

The effort, attention to detail and passion that Cate from the Wanderlust Swingers Podcast put into this event is something that we are so grateful to have been a part of and when PCAP 2022 is announced, we will be one of the first to book!  

Mr. and Mrs. Honeyspoon ??

Mr and Mrs Honeyspoon are no strangers to writing guest blogs for our website, we urge you to check out their insightful threesome blog you can also follow their twitter account for more personal interaction

Join us at #PCAPEncore in Dallas, Texas – November 5-8th 2021


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