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OnlyFans to Ban Explicit Content + What you can do about it NOW

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OnlyFans to Ban Explicit Content + What you can do about it NOW

OnlyFans Banning Explicit Content

OnlyFans banning explicit content

By now you would have heard that OnlyFans is banning porn or to be more precise “sexually explicit content” as first reported by Bloomberg media on August 19th, 2021.

OnlyFans is claiming that they need to tidy up their site after seeking investment and funding from third parties at the “requests of our banking partners” read the full report here this is due to the changes that mastercard are forcing on companies from October 1st 2021.

With many sex workers, cam models and content creators flocking to OnlyFans during quarantine in 2020 the questions coming across all our minds is what is explicit? What will happen to our fan base? Where to from here?

I’m going to explore the available sites that you can join, how to move your follower base over to the sites NOW and what you can do about marketing strategy.

A quick note for the naysayers, yes this is happening, the official quote from OnlyFans from August 19th is below PLUS they have now updated their official terms of service which can be found here .

“Effective 1 October, 2021, OnlyFans will prohibit the posting of any content containing sexually-explicit conduct. In order to ensure the long-term sustainability of the platform, and to continue to host an inclusive community of creators and fans, we must evolve our content guidelines. Creators will continue to be allowed to post content containing nudity as long as it is consistent with our Acceptable Use Policy.

These changes are to comply with the requests of our banking partners and payout providers.

We will be sharing more details in the coming days and we will actively support and guide our creators through this change in content guidelines.

We remain dedicated to our community of 130 million users and over 2 million creators that have earned over $5 billion on our platform.

OnlyFans remains committed to the highest levels of safety and content moderation of any social platform. All creators are verified prior to being able to upload any content to OnlyFans, and all uploaded content is checked by automated systems and human moderators.

As part of our commitment to safety and transparency, we are releasing our first Monthly Transparency Report for July 2021”

OnlyFans August 19, 2021

First let’s explore alternative sites to OnlyFans that you can join now!

Fan Centro

This is my #1 suggestion for people looking for alternatives to OnlyFans. FanCentro is a free to use, subscription-based site just like OnlyFans but with additional perks, excellent customer service and feels like a mix between Chaturbate, OnlyFans and ManyVids with options for all content.

You can create multiple income streams through various tools and flexible membership options including access to private social media accounts, pay per view, feed view, direct messaging, live streaming and video clip purchases.

FanCentro also has an inhouse team dedicated to creating educational items including blogs, YouTube and a creator guide, they’ll even feature you on their social media accounts.


  • A team that will help migrate all your content from OnlyFans to FanCentro
  • Multiple content-sharing tools and features including social media sharing + twitter promotion
  • Extremely adult-friendly
  • 420 and outdoor content is permitted
  • 24/7 live customer support
  • Coaching and guidance content, through blogs and YouTube videos
  • Fully customizable subscription options, feed option, pay per view items, purchased clips, additional perks and more
  • Tips payable through your main profile page as well as posts
  • Promotional opportunities with FanCentro social media and through the website itself
  • A fantastic directory is available with tags and links (so long as content on the front page is not explicit and hidden behind paywall)


  • Not the highest payout site with 75% earnings going to the creator
  • The advanced backend may take some time to get used to as there are a lot of double features
  • Chargebacks and Refunds are not covered by the site (chargebacks can be challenged directly with the bank)
  • Two (2) weeks wait hold on payouts (instead of weekly)

Payout structure: 

Influencers earn 75% of all sales


Welcome to the new kid on the block! Fansly was created in 2020 as a fan subscription site specifically for adult content creators. Based out of London, UK and started by an entrepreneur called Trevor Keane who is an IT entrepreneur and sports fan.


  • Featured free videos
  • Content Preview
  • Directory with keyword search (based on name)
  • Followers and subscriber options; see wall content for free or behind a pay wall
  • Snapchat Subscriptions


  • A new site, created in 2020 by a non sex worker
  • Customer service is behind the 8 ball, support taking days to assist
  • Servers have already gone down twice since OnlyFans made the announcement
  • User search (directory) needs work

Payout structure: 

Fansly will take 20% of the sale for commission and the creator will keep 80%

Funds are held for processing for 10 days after the sale


ManyVids is mostly adult content and users can sell their individual clips, movies and more. Starting as more of a clip selling website and now evolving into a subscription based site with live camming services and physical item purchases.

It’s a great site if you’re looking for a one stop shop for your content and store, if you’re already selling clips, subscriptions and panties for example, you might want to amalgamate it all over to ManyVids.


  • Multiple options for selling content including vids, physical items and more
  • Adult-friendly
  • Specialized fetish categories are available and tagged
  • Tipping available on site
  • Customer Support is available directly through profile


  • Twice monthly payouts (every 2 weeks)
  • Payout structure is complex with different payout structures for different products
  • Users report that the website is not user-friendly
  • Saturated market

Payout structure: 

80%  from MV Crush Club, Make It Rain, Custom Vids, Store Items, Text Me, Phone Me, and Fund Me.

60% payout rate for sales from MV Stars from Vid sales, Memberships, Pay to Open in the inbox and MV Flyer. Payouts are sent twice per month.

Just For Fans (JFF)

Honorable mention goes to Just For Fans, a content sharing platform that was started by Dominic Ford and allows explicit and adult content on the site. Ford is one of the most popular gay porn stars in the industry and started his site as a way for LBGTQIA+ audience to create and post content. For this reason, the current user base heavily swings to the LGBT audience but there are of course others making their presence on the platform.

Creators can sell individual clips, charge for messages, go live on the site and have a subscription service or pay per view content.


  •  Extremely Adult-friendly site, created by adult industry for the adult industry
  • Payouts made weekly
  • Excellent customer service support and social media presence
  • Connect with other content creators within the adult industry
  • Tipping available


  • Some users believe the system to be problematic or difficult to use
  • Payouts are restricted to a higher limit of earnings
  • A more costly site with 30% of earnings going as commissions

Payout structure: 

Creators earn 70% of sales and payouts are sent weekly

Hopefully the above helps you make an informed decision on what platform is the best for you.

Gold Star Advice: I would also urge you to go ahead and sign up for all platforms and secure your username even if you don’t intend to use them, this will stop any unnecessary user name confusion and content stealing.

How can we market our fans over to the new platform

This is the tricky part, as I’m writing this, we have 40 days (before October 1st) to move all our followers over to our new platform. Moving people is hard enough to achieve in any capacity but in a short timeframe with limitations on what you can say… that’s like pulling a needle out of a haystack in a burning building whilst wearing 10” platforms.

What you cannot say

Be careful, I repeat, be careful what you put on your OnlyFans profile! You do not want them to remove, cancel or block you from accessing your account during these critical weeks. I would highly recommend you do not post on your feed or in your direct messages that you are “Moving here and follow me here” this will be flagged by OnlyFans and cause you unnecessary heartache.

onlyfans banning explicit content

What you could do

Be smart about how you advertise, rather than writing a post with your new details or social media accounts, website domain etc… why not put it in a picture. Why not turn it into a sexy video and mention it in there. Offer the video FREE pay per view and group messaging through OnlyFans.

Offer a gift to those that move over with XYZ date, if you’re moving people over from one site to another, get them to confirm their new subscription and then offer something awesome. A free month, a free picture, video, physical item… something to help entice them to move. But do it on the DL!

Where to move them to

You have three options on where to move your fans to, each of these have their own pros and cons. Some create some additional barriers to entry and will require you to sell yourself twice to the fan (like social media or your personal domain).

This is crucial to the success of the move, consider this before you start moving your fans as you want a unified message, do not offer them all the options, pick one (1) and run with it, the more options or barriers to entry you provide, the less the uptake on moving will be.

  1. To Social Media (highly recommend twitter for naughty content)
  2. To your new Fan Site
  3. To your personal domain (see note below)

Gold Star Advice: update your anylinks/linktree on your social media platforms now! Remove OnlyFans, stop sending people to the site you’re about to deactivate and get them subbing over at the new Fan Site. This includes any links on your personal domain, links on reddit, Instagram, forum sites etc!

Personal Domains

Personal domains can be a great way to secure your username and have a place to send all your interested fans, you can create a domain name with someone like GoDaddy.com. You can create a simple landing page with links to all your fan sites or even a newsletter subscription (a great way to ensure you are marketing to your fanbase and not relying on 3rd party websites).

Having a personal domain may also help with social media analytics not picking up your ‘link in bio’ issues.

Market on OnlyFans NOW

Some people might suggest you do a sale for a large amount off for 1 month only of explicit content on OnlyFans. I think this is the entirely wrong thing to do, when you continue building OnlyFans you’re only going to have to try move those fans again when it’s gone.

Instead focus on building the new fan site, these next 40 days are going to require twice the amount of energy but if you are first to move, the dividends will pay off as other content creators are lagging.

Start your new fan site, building content AND then offer your OnlyFans a bonus to move over now.

You can even call it your ‘seed’ investors for your new site, do not spend your time promoting a 60% off sale for a site that is only going to kick you to the curb, bring new subs to your new site and marketing the existing subs over with a moving sale.

onlyfans banning explicit content

If you found this article helpful, please share it with other content creators on Twitter, IG, Reddit etc. The only way to safeguard the NSFW content creators is to share best practice and work together!  

Additional thoughts, suggestions, or tips? Email me c@swingingdownunder.com I want to hear from you!

Don’t let them beat you down, use this as an opportunity to ramp up your marketing, build your community, create new content and thrive!



Disclaimer: this is grey territory for us all, these suggestions above may not work or may get flagged. If you can think of a better, safer way to move your subs over please reach out urgently to c@swingingdownunder.com so we can all help each other succeed.

Further Updates 21st August 2021

OnlyFans have confirmed the removal of sexually explicit content from their site and the updated Terms of Service. Here’s what you need to do now to make sure you are compliant (if you want to stay on the site) or if you are moving to FansCentro as suggested above.

Make sure you have read the new acceptable use policy here (also called a terms of service)

Extract from new terms of service referencing sexual content

Cleanse your profile

If you want to remain on OnlyFans you must remove all sexually explicit content that doesn’t match the terms of service by December 1st 2021 for existing content. As of October 1st you can no longer upload any of this type of content. Here’s a quote from OnlyFans;

Existing content that does not meet the standards of the new policy will need to be removed before December 1, 2021.

OnlyFans 21st August 2021

Download your content and move it to FansCentro

Start getting your pricing structure in place on the new fan site, look around the site, educate yourself on how the new site operates and take advantage of this change. Get all of your content from OnlyFans including downloading your statistics, what you’ve earned and what you’ve charged etc.

Gold Star Advice: Pull your funds out of OnlyFans now if you’re making the move. With the number of models removing their money at the same time, there might be delays during the purge!

Podcast Episode

Listen to the matching podcast episode here with alternatives to onlyfans and sales tips from Darrell on moving your customers / fans across to your new site.

Alternatives to OnlyFans


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