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6 Expert Tips for Swingers Travelling with Sex Toys

Swingers often travel to new destinations to visit other swingers, attend events and swingers resorts… Getting ready for an upcoming trip is such an exciting moment but you’ll also need to take care of practical considerations. Packing and prepping your stuff for the trip is obviously one of the biggest processes to handle in advance.…
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What is Cuckolding? Is it wrong?

Cuckolding – What is Cuckolding? What are the common misconceptions? Written by Cate from Wanderlust Swingers Podcast; join our global diverse look into the swinging and hotwifing lifestyle. Let me first start by sharing our personal story. When D approached me about fantasies and the swinging lifestyle back in 2015 he bought up the term…
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MFM Thresome

EP123 – Stunt Cock MFM Threesome

Hotwife swinger lets lose in Croatia! In this episode we talk about Swinging and Hotwing in Croatia, arranging a stunt cock for an MFM threesome and more  We share some saucy details about the threesome, we talk about the wasted price on stockings, getting a hotel room, being a hotwife and taking some sexy footage…
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foursome butt plug

EP122 – The Foursome Butt Plug Experience

Foursome Butt Plug time, wanna learn more?! Our recent swinging foursome experience contains some new-ness for our play sessions. We share our recent foursome swinging experience which involved butt plugs!  We run through setting up the swinging date, how to transition from the loungeroom to the bedroom and how the use of VR porn could…
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EP121 – Cuckolding with Dr Justin Lehmiller

What is Cuckolding? What is Cuckqueening? Many people incorrectly assume that this fetish involves only humiliation. We interview Dr Justin Lehmiller a PHD and Social Psychologist about Cuckolding and the psychology behind this fetish and desire of being cucked.  In the second half of this podcast we talk about the taboo behind using sex toys…
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Wanderlust Swingers

Bonus; Introducing Wanderlust Swingers (Swinging Downunder Podcast)

Swinging Downunder Podcast is taking a (potentially) indefinite hiatus! We have so many changes coming for 2021 and we’re excited to finally let the cat out of the bag. Swinging Downunder Podcast is moving to Europe so we can cover more of the swinging lifestyle experience in Europe and we’re announcing our new name, Wanderlust…
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swinger boundaries

EP120 – Shifting Swinger Boundaries good or bad?

How have your swinger boundaries or swinger rules changed over the years? We delve into our changes from our 5-6 years in the swinging lifestyle and talk about how we’ve organically changed our swinger boundaries. We run through some responses we received from our community on social media and share a tale or two from…
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Bonus; Swinging In The Media

Curious about some of the most commonly searched google terms about swinging, swinging lifestyle, hotwifing, cuckolding and more? We dig into some funny google analytics about what people commonly search about our alternative lifestyle on the internet. In the second half of this episode we talk about the recent media articles covering the Swinging Lifestyle.…
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Skirt Club

EP119 – Skirt Club is the BEST Female Only Sex Positive Space

Ever heard of the Skirt Club? Global Sex Positive events for women who want to explore their sexuality in a safe environment. Today’s episode focused on the Skirt Club and starts with an interview with the CEO and founder Genevieve, we talk about consent, global sex positive events, the stigma of running a sex positive…
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EP118 – Sixsome Swinging Play + an insensitive comment

Sixsome is the new Foursome right?! Some swingers say that the holy grail of swinging is a 4-way connection… what about putting together a sixsome play session. We talk about how to navigate that, how we transitioned from talking to swinging play and run you through some of our pre thoughts.  How do you get…
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