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Sex Toys for Pussy Play

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Sex Toys for Pussy Play

What’s in your Sex Toy Box?

Sex toys for women – Where should I even begin!

Female masturbation conversation has come a long way and undergone an amazing alternation in the past decade. Historically it was assumed that females had low sex drives, low libido and therefore little reason to have sex toys that were specifically designed for female pleasure.

The History of Sex Toys

Consider this, 19th century the vibrator was being designed and marketed as a medical instrument for pain relief and the treatment of various ailments (which by the way was used to treat female hysteria… ummm what?!).

Now, I must pay homage to historical sex toys in this article (I’d be remiss not to mention), there have been numerous relics found over 2,000 years ago in China, Egypt and Greece. These however, were thought to be artforms and not necessarily created for pleasure.

There was some truth in the usage of sex toys for health, it’s proven that sex and orgasms have many physical impacts. These includes circulation, muscle tone, emotional well being and generally feeling more confident about your body image.

Oh, and a quick pitstop mention that we just passed November 4th which was in fact #NationalSexToyDay if you follow twitter trends.

Sex Toys Today

Fast forward to 2019 and there are literally thousands of sex toys on the market, there is no limit to the number of sex toys a person could have. In fact, the creation of sex toys has become so popular that crowdsourcing them into reality is almost a sure thing, 90% of sex toys listed on popular sites are being 100% funded.

With sex toys being so plentiful it’s often difficult to know which one to buy, try and keep using and let’s face it, there’s a no refund policy for a reason.

I personally own dozens of toys and have bought and thrown out too many to count, now, I tend to stick to brands I’ve used before or purchase products recommended by voices I trust. This doesn’t always work out in an intense orgasm and the toy on high rotation however I’ve found the success rate to be much higher than my previous blind purchases.

It was a good time to clear out my sex toy drawers, we’re moving in January and so I’m packing up our house and labeling everything ready for the movers (no shame here). It was time for a spring clean of my sex toy collection and why not do a photo-shoot while I’m at it!

The Oral Stimulator

(Womanizer Liberty Red)

Instead of vibrating like the bulk of sex toys on the market do, these toys use sonic waves to send pulses to your clitoris. By using this method, they affect a larger portion of your vulva, creating an oral sex like stimulation and causing an orgasm to occur in seconds (yes, seconds).  

Whilst you might be reading this thinking that the build up is part of the fun and that toy isn’t for me, let me give you this piece of advice. JUST DO IT!

It is different than any other orgasm that any of my other toys provide me, I can use it at the end of play and with other implements at the ready (hello butt plug).

It’s also super compact as well and there are travel versions of this product. It’s reasonably priced at less than $100 and the charge time on this baby is amazing.

If you purchase this from our friends Casual Toys, they’ll throw in 20% off by using the code SDU at the checkout!

Womanizer Liberty Red Sex Toy

Womanizer Liberty Red

$75.24 USD with 20% discount

The Powerful Bullet

(Tango by We-Vibe)

Quite frankly, this is your best friend. It fits neatly into your purse, comes with a fantastic USB charger, has multiple settings and packs a punch!

It’s the full package and is one of my favourite vibrators, did I mention that you can use it with a partner as there is still plenty of room to move.

It’s only 3.5 inches long and takes 90 minutes to charge with over 2 solid hours of usage, basic simple lines and for only $60 using your SDU code… what’s not to love.  

Wevibe Tango Sex Toy

We-Vibe Tango

$60.00 USD with SDU code discount

What’s in your toy box? I’d love to hear your favourite toys and ones that get the repeat business in your bedroom. Email me candd@swingingdownunder.com your toy piccies!


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