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Naughty Christmas Stockings

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Naughty Christmas Stockings

It’s that time of the year when Christmas shopping comes around too quickly and you start to wonder if you have everything for the family, friends, neighbours, teachers, the florist and the dude you once met at the coffee shop… ok perhaps that’s a bit over the top.

Let’s face it, among the shopping, the cooking, the family, it’s all a bit exhausting and it’s easy to forget to enjoy the moments. Insert naughty stockings, a great way to explore new things with your partner or show each other some sexy fun (self-pleasure anyone?)  

We’ve put together a list of items that we’d love in our naughty stockings & give you some sexy tips for how to best use them!

Lots of these products are from Casual Toys store where you can get 20% off by using code SDU at the checkout, we love to support fellow podcasters especially over the Christmas season.

Kick it off

First things first, you need somewhere to put your sexy stockings. This doesn’t need to be an expensive endeavor, get creative with boxes, bags & more or if you’re time poor check out these pre-made options.

Christmas Hats / Cum Stockings – $14.99

Want a dual-purpose stocking? Get some naughty hats and hang them upside down.

Amazon Pre-Made – $17.00

Grab some matchy matchy stockings straight from Amazon to your door step

Canvas Personalized stocking – $21.00

Want something a bit more personalized? Get your names on these ones and use them again and again (watch lube spillage!)

Stocking Fillers

There’s a bunch of items that are literally stocking fillers and can go in either his or her stocking, get creative with some items and share between the two.

If you’ve got time…

Create some personalized sex vouchers, dares & more. Give each other sex tasks or stories and plan for a fun night in or out.

Condoms, lube and cleaners

These are handy for both stockings, we love the little sachet of lubes as we use them for our swinger bag when we go to events, clubs, dates or hotel takeovers. This way our lube bottle isn’t spilling through our bags and we can take a bunch of water, oil, organic based lubes. Don’t forget to add some non-latex condoms to your swinger bag, you never know when you’re going to need them.

Skyn non latex – $5.39

Sliquid H2o pillow – $1.19

Toy Cleaner  – $9.99

Naughty Dice – $5.99

It’s all about him!

Darrell and I love sex toys for men, historically none of my girlfriends bought their partners sex toys which was always a shame. Now, we’re finding more couples and men exploring sex toys and we LOVE it. I get so turned on using a sex toy on Darrell or other play partners (make sure you clean your toys well!!!)

Doggie support – $11.97

Incorporating a bit of kink into your bedroom is a fun way to start exploring without breaking the bank. This doggie support is versatile and packs down small which means it’s great to fit in your swinger bag and your naughty stocking.

Xmas Tuggie – $5.50

Ok, Ok this one is just a bit of fun… updating your swinger profile with some Christmas cheer anyone?!

Fleshlight – $24.47

Our favorite toy hands down! You may have heard us talk about this toy on our podcast as the ‘barrel of monkeys’. It’s easy to use and super sexy to play with, you can also give oral to your partner whilst using this toy which makes it extra hot.  

Cockring – $11.63

We’ve always been a fan of cockrings, D will wear his when we’re out to dinner and I’ll wear my butt plug on dates etc. If you haven’t used a ring before a silicone-based ring is a cost effective and easy way to start. If you’re a fan you can upgrade to stainless steel cock & ball ring. This little gift is fun, inexpensive and a great addition to his sex toy collection.

Time to focus on her!

Most ladies I know have a very blossoming sex toy collection and there’s a few that are must haves in my opinion. As there are so many out there for you to try, I thought I’d give you my must have’s.

Butt Plug – $14.89

I’m a BIG fan of butt plugs, I wear jewelled ones, tail ones, colourful ones and I tend to give them away at events. A silicone plug is another inexpensive and easy to use beginner option (much like the cockring above). They’re lightweight, comfortable and a good place to start before you upgrade. This medium size is the best to start on, make sure you use the right lube with this one ladies and HAVE FUN!

Wevibe Tango – $75.05

Must buy, enough said! Whilst these next two toys are slightly more expensive options for your naughty stockings they deserve to be in your sex toy kit. The tango is a small yet powerful vibrator and easy to take in your purse or swinger bag. It’s USB chargeable, will last a long time and packs a punch. Use the discount code and get this sexy gift in your stocking, you’ll both be thankful when you hear the BIG O.

Womanizer – $94.05

A toy with a difference. Whilst most women would have experienced a vibrator, dildo and maybe a cockring, not everyone has experienced the different organism of a stimulator. Designed to stimulate receiving oral, this toy will get you off in seconds (yes, seconds) try it for a fun and different orgasm to finish your play session with.