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Sex Toy Review; Ambi by Lovense Toys

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Sex Toy Review; Ambi by Lovense Toys

Welcome to my Sex Toy Review of the Ambi by Lovense.

Lovense ?has been making history with their vibrators since 2010, quickly producing some of the best long-distance app-controlled sex toys that exist in the market.

After previously reviewing their g-spot stimulator with their Osci I was hesitant to give the Ambi a go. I have fallen in love with other bullet vibrators and I was doubtful that this unusual hammerlike design was going to be up to the task of making it into my rotation of O-face toys.  Let me just tell you up front, I was wrong! Oooohhhh so wrong. Here’s a review of the Lovense Ambi Bullet Vibe.

You might have heard of the brand lovense before, mostly made famous by the adoration of camming models world over who use the ‘lovense lush’ sex toy in their performances. You may not have realized that Lovense do so much more!

In late 2019 we bought a bunch of their toys and have been systematically going through them for testing in our personal bedroom. (Find my previous review on Osci here)

Firstly, yes, the design is unique and different, let’s break it down a little for you.

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  • Quality – 5 Stars
  • Noise Level – Ultra Quiet
  • Orgasmic Rating – High
  • Hygiene Factor – Sparkly Clean

Package / Product

The packaging and product design and quality are fantastic, similar to the other lovense products it is bright and packaged to safely arrive to any destination. The design is 100% waterproof, it’s super easy to use (no need for a manual at all) and is quite nice to the touch.

  • Length – 3.4 inches
  • Head diameter – 2.3 inches
  • Material – Made from comfortable, body safe silicone
  • Settings – 3 power levels with 10 different patterns including constant pulse, fast pulse, heartbeat etc
  • Charging – Cordless, USB charger included (magnetic connection)
  • Mobile App – can use with the mobile app or connect to your computer using a Bluetooth USB device (great for long distance or cam models)
    • Connect your Spotify account and stream music
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Lovense Ambi has smooth delicate curves throughout it’s surface and no nooks or crannies for bacteria to hide. It’s small and easy to handle and manoeuvre for both solo and couple based play, medical-grade silicone which is of course body-safe.  

As with other Lovense Bluetooth toys, this toy can sync to music, save customized patterns, and use voice commands and not to mention that you can use with other lovense toys.

I used this toy on my own at first for some solo play (hello masturbation month!) and as soon as it started I could tell it was quality and that it was going to give me an awesome orgasm. Since my journey starting with this new product at the beginning of May I must have used this toy at least 15 times, it’s been on heavy rotation.

I have also now used it twice with Darrell during some couple play and it was small, easy to move around and definitely added to our play session.

All the big O’s being said there are some pros and cons we need to talk about with this small bullet vibe. The magnetic charger plate is spoken about in quite a few reviews and I’d honestly say it’s the one thing that lets this toy down. The magnet seems very weak and any movement or accidental knock of your nightstand may dislodge this toy from charging.

You do not want to find yourself reaching for a vibration mid play only to find out that it has run out of battery. The battery takes less than 1 hour to charge and is said to last 2 hours of continual play, I have found it lasts around 1 hour.

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Sound wise, it is incredibly quiet, I was impressed! You could easily use this with family, friends or nosy neighbours wondering what’s happening behind the private doors of your boudoir.

I cleaned the toy directly after and felt that the medical grade silicone was put to the test, it does not have any nooks or crannies that bacteria can get under / around so I’m happy with the hygiene factor.

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Connect your spotify account

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Ambi by Lovense it’s great quality, the price point is currently on sale at $59 USD which is a fantastic price for a toy with these many features! You can also get the USB Bluetooth adapter for only $5 when you buy it.

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I have a lot of sex toys and I can honestly say that this one was a joy to play with, it’s different, it’s high quality, it gave me an orgasm… what more could you want?

Do you have this toy or are going to buy it? Drop us an email and share your experience, we’d love to hear from you candd@swingingdownunder.com

Please Note: This toy was purchased by Swinging Downunder Podcast and this is not a sponsored post.  


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