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UK Swingers Hotel Takeover

Join us for our 2nd (and the UK’s biggest) Hotel Takeover!

Following the fabuloussuccess of our Winter Wonderland takeover,

Wanderlust Swingers and bed hoppers podcasts are pleased to announce our brand new extravaganza – the Black & White Ball

We’re coming back for a COMPLETE hotel takeover alongside a takeover of Penthouse Playrooms on 23rd March 2024. Think room crawls, much more relaxed atmospheres, pre (and pre pre) parties and much, much more.

Although we are SOLD OUT for our hotel takeover, you can still join us at our fabulous swingers club takeover of Penthouse Playrooms. We will cap the event at 220 new friends so there is enough space to frollick. Grab your club access tickets below!

Attention all UK Swingers, as well as our adventurous counterparts from Europe and beyond! The allure intensifies as we announce our next captivating takeover. Prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey to East England, where an exclusive world awaits. Cast aside the ordinary and immerse yourself in a realm of opulence as we commandeer the entire Penthouse Playrooms club solely for our cherished guests. This is your moment to indulge, connect, and revel in the ultimate playground of pleasure.

What you can expect

If you’re never been to a Swingers Hotel Takeover before, we’ve got a little extra information just for you! There are lots of inclusions for this event, if you have any questions, please feel free to drop us an email.

UK Swingers

Full Hotel Buyout

This means that only our guests are permitted in the 4 star hotel, we’ve got room for 87 couples to join us

Full Club Buyout

We’ve arranged exclusive use of Penthouse Playrooms just for our event

Pre-Party Floor Crawl

We’re going to be bringing our world renowned floor crawl to the UK! With mini events over 2 levels of our host hotel

Party Bus

Free transport to Penthouse Playrooms in our party buses, we will get you safely to site (included in our full experience ticket)

Event Chat

Access to our event chat, pre event zooms and more is all included in our full experience tickets

The Need To Know

We’d love to see all the UK Swingers come out and join us for our Black & White Ball

When? Saturday March 23rd, 2024, we’re kicking off at 4pm and partying until 4am Sunday morning. Why not come and join us for the whole weekend?

Where? We’re taking over Penthouse Playrooms UK Swingers Club in Dunstable, UK as well as an entire 87 room 4 star hotel

What? A full venue takeover of likeminded UK Swingers and open minded friends

Come and Join Us

You’ll only be able to get access to our special hotel by booking through our link and then, it’s off to Penthouse Playrooms for a night of dancing, socialising and, of course, partying.

All tickets sold are considered non-refundable or transferable, tickets must be purchased online before the event.

Your Event Hosts


Wanderlust Swingers Podcast


Wanderlust Swingers Podcast

bed hoppers podcast

Mrs H

bed hoppers Podcast

Mr H

bed hoppers Podcast

Penthouse Playrooms UK Swingers Club

We’re taking over the entire Penthouse Playrooms Swingers Club in Dunstable. We’d love you to join us in this new club (launched in 2021) which has some fantastic amenities that are sure to keep all UK Swingers enthralled.

Here’s what you can expect at Penthouse Playrooms UK Swingers Club… A fantastic wet area featuring showers and 2 jacuzzis. Sexy play areas with 7 lockable play rooms, 18 communal areas designed for play and a dungeon. Penthouse Playrooms also has seating for over 60 guests, a licensed and well stocked bar, dance-floor with resident DJ, dance pole and state of the art sound and lighting system. It also has some lockers where you can store your personal items.

UK Swingers
UK Swingers
UK Swingers

Review of Penthouse Playrooms

Want to check out our review of Penthouse Playrooms or see what the club looks like inside? Are you curious little UK Swingers and want to know more? Check out the links below

Penthouse Playrooms Swingers Club UK YouTube

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Have a question that isn’t answered here? Just drop us your question via email to email@wanderlustswingers.com

  • What does my ticket include? Your ticket includes accommodation of your choosing at our hotel, entry into the private club, access to our event chat, pre-party floor crawl, party bus and a welcome gift on arrival.
  • Is this a couples only event? Whilst this is predominantly a couples party, we are allowing a small numbers of single ladies and gents.
  • Can I expect to hook up with someone? Absolutely not, you are never guaranteed to play with any person at any event or swingers club.
  • What are your consent policies? All our events have an enthusiastic yes policy, verbal consent is required at all times and can be revoked at any point.
  • Is there a theme or dress code? Yes, dress is something wintery, white and jazzy. Think lights, whites, cocktails & parties. Dress to impress still applies – so put your best foot forward
  • This is my first time, is this event for me? We’d love you to join us – and new folk are very welcome. Around 30% of attendees to our events are new to the lifestyle.
  • What is the average age range? The average age range is from mid 30s to mid 40s but we welcome people of any age over 21.
  • Is there accommodation and parking nearby? Yes, we’ve bought out an entire 4 star hotel and all 87 rooms so there’s room for us all. There is also ample parking available either on site or nearby.
  • What can I expect at this event? You can expect to be included in a friendly and welcoming group of fellow sex positive lifestyle friends.
  • What is the nearest airport? Luton Airport is just 20 minutes drive from the hotel. There are a number of budget airlines that fly direct to Luton for very economical prices.
  • What is the purpose of the chat group? The chat group is intended as a safe space to meet likeminded people. It’s not a hook up chat and you are not guaranteed sex. Any person/s found to be making other attendees feel unsafe will be removed immediately.
  • I’m single, do I need approval before buying a ticket? No, whilst we are offering a limited number of single tickets, we expect you to act considerately and follow our rules of consent at all times. Any person (regardless of gender) who is acting inappropriately will be removed.
  • Will there be security on site? Yes, we will have security on site to assist in ensuring all attendees have tickets and to support your safety as an attendee.
  • Can I just buy tickets at the door? No, all tickets must be purchased online before the event.
  • Are tickets refundable? No, all tickets are considered non refundable, non transferrable.
  • Do I need to be a member of penthouse playrooms? No – to attend this event you simply need to be a ticket holder and bring some suitable ID.
  • Will there be members of the general public there? No – we’ve got the entire venue for the whole night. It’s exclusive to Winter Wonderland attendees.
  • Are there wet facilities and do I need to bring towels? There are wet facilities including two jacuzzis. You will need to bring your own towel if you’d like to use these or the showers.