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First time at Young Swingers Week – Guest Blog

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First time at Young Swingers Week – Guest Blog


Every wondered what it’s like to visit a Swingers Resort? What about your first trip to Hedonism Swingers Resort Jamaica or even partying with Young Swingers Week?

Thank you to our guest blogger today RonnieLoves, it was an amazing read and super glad that you’re happy for us to share.

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The trip of a lifetime that you’ll want to take every year!

Last year, I posted asking for people’s thoughts on a trip to Hedonism II for YSW for a not-fully-in-the-lifestyle couple. Got lots of helpful advice and my wife and I decided to give it a shot and went July 2019. I know this is a little late to do a review, but since we are all coming out of our COVID shells and looking to the future, I figured maybe other people might be planning trips and might like some information.

About us

My wife and I are in our mid-to-late 30s. We have professional/public jobs and have never participated in the lifestyle in our town because of this. However, we are sexually adventurous and confident in our relationship. We were looking to celebrate a relationship milestone and figured we weren’t getting any younger, so maybe we should do something out of our comfort zone. After surprisingly little debate and a lot of research, we decided to try Young Swingers Week in Hedonism Resort.

Booking the trip

Amazingly easy. We’ve traveled with professional tour groups in the past and the organizers of Young Swingers Week are as good as any of the big companies and very friendly (Lesley, if you see this, thank you!).

We debated about which week to go and decided to do the summer since it fit best with our schedules. From talking to people at Young Swingers Week, we were told that summer and fall are way more laid back than spring, but I can’t tell from personal experience. Spring is the only one where Young Swingers Week buys out the resort (although we heard rumors that was possibly changing). More on the pros and cons of not being a buy out later.


Getting there

We flew through ATL to Montego Bay. It was our first time to Hedonism Resort Jamaica and since it was a special occasion, we decided to spend the extra cash on Club MoBay VIP arrival. I can’t remember what this service cost, but it was worth every penny. Basically you get a personal escort to guide you through the airport and customs. It was probably the closest I’ll ever get to being treated like a rockstar. Probably cut at least an hour off the trip through.

The bus ride to Hedonism Resort was a little rough and long, but there’s nothing anyone can do about that. We had gotten up very early to make our flights so we’re pretty spent.

Hedonism II Resort

Not knowing what to expect, we had booked nights at Sandals at the backend of the trip, figuring we could retreat there if we were having a bad time or decompress after partying, so I’ll make some comparisons to Sandals, which I feel like is a typical all-inclusive. (As an aside, I wouldn’t do it that way again.)

Probably the only complaints I have are about Hedo itself. I know they are renovating, but it’s still somewhat run down when compared to Sandals. Things are very clean, so I didn’t feel like we were staying in a cheap motel or something. It just is missing some polish. The showers in our room went from scalding to freezing. The soundproofing wasn’t the best which meant that it was hard to sleep sometimes because you’d hear people walking by outside.

There’s a clothed pool and a nude pool. I don’t think I ever saw anyone in the clothed pool. The nude pool is where all the action happens and it should probably be twice as big as it is. Getting to the bar requires serious planning.

The food is good both at the buffet and in the restaurant (especially the sushi place).

Drinks are fine too, but we’re 99% sure we saw them adding water to the liquor bottles. Not a big deal since it’s all-you-can-drink. Just a smidge sketchy.

The staff was very kind and attentive

Entertainment (includes both the YSW entertainment and the resort entertainment): A surprise highlight! It was fun, erotic, and hilarious all at at different times. Where Sandals felt like a lame Branson show; Hedo felt like they were catering to adults/couples. Very refreshing!

The theme nights were awesome too. The amount of effort everyone puts in to costumes is impressive!


The people

Again, this was our first time with people in the lifestyle. You choose a necklace with a color reflecting your comfort level and we chose green (the lowest level). I’m not sure that it mattered or not because we found everyone to be incredibly respectful. There was only one time where someone got a little skeevy and he was a member of the other group at Hedo at that time. No big deal though and it was only remarkable in its contrast.

We met great people and definitely had fun above our green designation.

As rookies, this was a great trip, but it seemed like everyone was having a great time regardless of experience!

Hope someone finds this helpful. I’d be happy to answer any questions.


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