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Selling used panties Vol 2

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Selling used panties Vol 2

Many of you read the first blog about selling my used panties online and sent through questions as well as words of support and I thought it was a good idea to write a 2nd blog. This is all about my personal experience selling used panties online.

In my first blog I describe what sites I listed the panties on (Scented Pansy,  Snifffr and a local classifieds), as well how I shipped them and how I felt actually selling my used panties.

In this 2nd blog I am going to answer some of the common Q’s I received as well as give a further account of how it has been going as I have now sold a 2nd pair. 2 blogs, 2 pairs and a whole bunch of stuff that I have learned over the past 2 weeks.

A funny (yet common) question I’ve been asked…

Selling used panties
You would be surprised by the volume of people asking me this question which I had never even considered….

How many pairs of pants do you think I am selling?! I’m capable of only selling 1 pair every 24 hours at the most. Whilst I’m sure a big seller would be shipping out more, I’m sure they would notice if someone was buying up high volumes when they posted them. Shipment to #1 stealing your DNA, Mystery Person, HELL, 666 seems a little fishy to me.

The second part of this is slightly more comical to me, It is a COVID world. I literally cannot travel anywhere and I don’t recall a time when I’ve been unable to tell you where I was on a specific date… if someone has the capability to frame me for a crime with my used panties I say go for gold son. Whilst you’re there framing me, I’d love it if you can drop a million bucks in my bank… please and thank you.

Customers and Types of Panties

It was extremely interesting to see the variety of panties and things being sold online. I wrongly assumed that people would be into G-strings/mini V’s and ‘less is more’ mentality and oh how very wrong I was. A quick glance at the sites showed me that people preferred a larger (shall we say) landing space (called a gusset) and therefore briefs + bikinis were the most requested items.

Selling used panties
BoyShorts, Briefs and larger Gusset items are hot sellers

Blown away! I still try to list my G-Strings and they are passed over with people instead requesting for some lace and satin briefs.

I’ve already briefed you on the creepers and cheapers during my last blog; customers are extremely diverse and whilst used panties is a fetish in of itself it may not be the only fetish that your potential clients are interested in.

A recent request below in response to my panty ad shows just how diverse people’s sexual interests are.

Selling used panties
Do not yuk someone’s yum, be understanding that you might not be compatible and move on

Selling my latest pair of panties, I sold an old pair of Sass & Bide panties which were at the end of their lifespan in my house. I was preparing to throw them out when an interested buyer approached me. He wanted my panties shipped to him in Singapore and was interested in 4 photos of me in them and knowing that I also masturbated in them.

He was cordial, paid promptly (Another $37 in the bank) and sent a follow up message of thanks afterwards.

Selling used panties
Received a nice review? Save it AND make sure you send it to prospective buyers!


In the first blog I spoke about the millions of panty sellers that exist in the market and how it’s a competitive market. I have had ZERO success selling my panties on the larger sites for this very reason, my 2 sales and countless messages have all come from the local classifieds/forums. I was even trialing the premium option on Scented Pansy (which I forgot about & accidentally paid a 2nd month for, DOH… there goes my profit margin).

scented pansy

If you trial a site, make sure you turn OFF the automatic subscription option, so you do not unknowingly get charged again if you do not intend on renewing! What a waste of $13 USD

I would personally recommend finding a niche away from the millions of other users unless of course you intend to hustle, post often & engage frequently as that is the only way to get noticed on these sites. As I have previously mentioned, I do not intend to do this as a source of income, so my energy input is minimal and therefore I am not suited to the larger sites.  I will keep my accounts active on the sites as a free profile rather than the premium paid option.

As I sit here writing this blog, there are over 4,081 panty sellers online (right now at 3 in the morning!) on one site. There are pages upon pages of lovely people selling their scent on the internet but unfortunately there is a much smaller presence of buyers (with credits) online at the same time.

Selling used panties
They aren’t joking when they say you have to HUSTLE!

Another note on standing out from the crowd which I mentioned during the chaturbate and onlyfans episode but it’s worth repeating.

Without a large existing fan base, it is going to be extremely difficult (not impossible) to get customers. This is not new information, when a brand-new store opens, they spend countless hours and thousands of dollars on promotions.

I have continued to stick to keeping my sexual exploration and virtual hotwifing endeavors separately to the podcast. At this point I do not use the podcast or the SDU social media to promote my exploitations. This of course hinders my income opportunities but suits me as I’m intent on breaking away from the stigma of sexuality that I grew up with.

One last thought

Have some fun with this exploration. Whilst it might seem like a very one sided transactional process it can be a lot of fun and I’d urge you to try and explore how you feel about it. Does it make your horny when you’re walking around knowing someone else will be receiving your scent. Do you feel sexy when you’re taking photos or videos in the product and sending it to your customer?

Learn to feel confident and explore the process, I’ve really enjoyed selling my 2 sets online. It has made me feel empowered and a little sexy slutty. I’ve loved the idea of sending my panties in the post as it feels naughty, I’ve enjoyed putting on my lipstick and kissing the sexy note I include with the purchase.

Try to have some fun with it and explore yourself at the same time, there’s no rule that says you cannot enjoy this!

If you do decide to start selling used panties online please make sure you seek out advice on staying safe, protecting yourself and your identity. There are countless YouTube videos and blogs on best practices for this as well as how to accept payments. Please make sure you research and seek out advice before you put yourself out there.

Thank you for being part of my journey, it is fantastic hearing from so many of you who were either thinking of selling panties, have already sold panties OR those that said “it’s not for us but good on you!”.

Selling used panties

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