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6 Expert Tips for Swingers Travelling with Sex Toys

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6 Expert Tips for Swingers Travelling with Sex Toys

Swingers often travel to new destinations to visit other swingers, attend events and swingers resorts… Getting ready for an upcoming trip is such an exciting moment but you’ll also need to take care of practical considerations. Packing and prepping your stuff for the trip is obviously one of the biggest processes to handle in advance.

Apart from bringing essentials to the trip, you may also want to carry along some stuff you enjoy. And by stuff you enjoy, we mean sex toys.

If you stick to proper storage and packing practices, chances are that you wouldn’t face any issues. Still, here are a couple of expert tips that can simplify the process of travelling with sex toys.

Do Your Research in Advance

Are you travelling internationally to a swinger event? If so, you may want to examine local regulations pertaining to sex toys.

There are parts of the world where you can be arrested for owning adult toys.

Some countries that ban the ownership of sex toys include the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Malaysia seand the Maldives. Sex toys are even illegal in some parts of the US like Alabama (the ownership of adult toys was criminalized there in 1998).

While such legalities may seem like something not to worry about, you could get in trouble in the event of your luggage being checked. Thus, it’s best to stay on the safe side and leave your toys at home.

Prep Your Swingers Toys

You need to do a couple of fairly simple things before actually putting sex toys in your luggage.

For a start, make sure that the item you want to carry along is properly cleaned and completely dry before putting it in your suitcase.

Another thing you may want to do is taking out the batteries. There’s a simple reason why you should do that. If a charged battery is inside your toy, there’s some risk of it going off while in the luggage. Not only will that cause the battery to drain, you may also have to explain the weird buzzing coming from your suitcase to airport officials.

You can easily put the batteries in a little silk bag or a paper bag to bring on the trip. If you are using a toy that has a rechargeable battery, bring the USB cable along, as well.

This final procedure can be skipped if you own batteries that have a travel lock. The aim of the lock is to keep the toy from getting accidentally switched on. Thus, if you can choose among multiple items, go for the ones that have the safety feature.

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It’s Best to Put Sex Toys in Checked Luggage

This one doesn’t need to be explained extensively, does it? Just in case, here’s why such a recommendation makes the most sense.

Carry-on luggage is by your side during all of the security checks. Hence, it can be opened in a public place. If you aren’t easily embarrassed, that wouldn’t be a problem. Most people, however, will be mortified by the prospects.

When you put delicate toys like a suction dildo in checked luggage, make sure it’s wrapped in a way to avoid damage. Checked luggage can be handled roughly while being transported and loaded onto an airplane. Consider having a good layer of clothes on top and one on bottom to act as some padding. Make sure that the toy is properly secured, especially if it is motorized and has fragile components.

Keep Your Partner Involved

Would you be taking the trip on your own while your partner stays home? if so, pack sex toys that will give you a chance to stay connected.

Many modern toy varieties can be controlled via a mobile app. This means your partner would be the one in charge of your experience.

Do bring one such item on your trip. Having remote sex this way can be a lot of fun. While the experience obviously cannot replace intimacy with your partner, it gives you a chance to feel bonded while you are away from home.

Don’t Forget Accessories

The toy itself is an obvious item to pack but you will also need a few additional supplies to use it safely.

Obviously, you’ll require some lube. Depending on the destination, you can buy lube when you arrive or you can take your favorite variety on the trip. If you’re packing lube, make sure it’s placed in a travel-sized bottle alongside other liquids you’ll be carrying (body lotion, perfume, mouthwash, etc.).

You may also need a sex toy detergent, condoms (very important for some sex toy varieties used in penetrative ways) a harness or another accessory that you usually need with your favorite toy. While you shouldn’t overdo it with bringing your entire collection on the trip, a few supplies will definitely come in handy.

Own It and Don’t Freak Out!

The final tip is probably the most important one. When travelling, treat sex toys like all other personal care items you’re bringing on the trip.

Having urges is normal and the year’s already 2021. Thus, you should definitely relax and own the fact that you’re bringing sex toys on the trip.

Pack them like you would any other more delicate item and choose your sex toys wisely. Be prepared for an eventual security check but don’t be freaked out about it. Security officers examine thousands on suitcases each week. Chances are that they’ve seen everything and they aren’t going to be moved by a vibrator or a pair of fluffy handcuffs.

Don’t act ashamed or embarrassed during a security check. It will be over in a matter of seconds or a few minutes. Also, fretting and being nervous about your toys can be interpreted in other ways. Your demeanor could lead to a much more thorough check – something that you definitely don’t want to go through when travelling.

Sex toys have become so diverse and practical nowadays that you’ll definitely find at least a few travel-friendly options in your collection. Don’t hesitate about bringing toys on the trip. As long as you go through the practical considerations in advance, the experience will certainly be a success.

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