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Coffee Chats with Mr and Mrs Teste

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Coffee Chats with Mr and Mrs Teste

Tell us a bit about yourself; 

We are Ex-Catholic empty nesters. I know what you’re thinking. 

I (He) am a semi-retired engineer. She is a director of a medical office. I’m 59, and She’s 58. We’ve been married 38 years. Most of that time focused on education, career, and family. Our children are both working and pursuing postgraduate degrees. 

Do you identify as non-monogamous? 

We don’t officially identify as non-monogamous but are somewhere on the fringe for sure. 

Share your journey with us; 

I guess it all started 6 years ago when we joined a Jeep off-roading group and attended a trail ride with the base camp 50 miles from the pavement at a remote natural hot springs in Death Valley California. We arrived Thursday before the bulk of the group getting there on Friday afternoon. What we discovered was this was a special weekend at the hot springs. Kind of a mini Burning Man.

By the time the Jeep group showed up, we had already met a bunch of the regular hot springer’s and found ourselves the only ones in a hot springs with our bathing suits on. By our second soak, we were nude with the rest of them. It wasn’t all about the nudity, maybe something about the spring chemistry. But there were clearly Nudist there. We met all types of people, from all walks of life. All interesting. On our third trip in, we met a couple from Las Vegas. They smoothly slow rolled an invitation to visit their house for the weekend.

Something about the freedom of being naked at the house. We had no idea what they were talking about. With nervous laughter, we backed out of the conversation. 

Flash to 2016 when Mrs. Teste won a trip to the Grand Moon Palace in Cancun on a TV show. 

We scheduled the trip for February 2017. After researching the Resort, I discovered it was a high-end family place. Thinking that we had nothing to lose, I was hell bent on finding some grown up adventure for our last day and night of that trip. 

I researched “Adult Resort” in Cancun. I discovered the Forum “Cancun Care” and there I found the Temptation Resort. Topless pool. No problem.  We’ve been fully nude at the Hot Springs. 

While reading the Cancun Care Forum, I discovered Bob’s Booze Cruse. Figured it was some drunken topless shenanigans at best. This all is perfect. So, the last day and night was booked, the trip arrived. We took in the sites, history of Cancun and stayed at the fancy family resort. The only friendly folks we ran into were Canadians.  Most pushed & shoved with their kids, mostly avoiding eye contact. We did find an adult pool where it was quiet and we’d sun, read, & drink. Not bad for free!

So here it is the last day, we packed up the van transport and motor off to Temptation. We checked our bags in, had some breakfast, and lounged at the pool till the Boobs Cruise shoved off. 

The Boobs Cruise proved to be much more than some light adult fun. First thing, they collected the Ladies tops and ran them up the Sail Rigging. With booming music and never-ending flow of shots you can guess what happened next. Well, everything that can happen in a playroom happened at the front of that catamaran. We stayed to ourselves, we did participate in some of the activities.

Once we returned to the Resort, there was a moment of “what did we just do?” Crazy! Later that night we dressed for a white theme night. While waiting in the lobby bar, an attractive lady in a fish net dress (GoGo) gave us white wristbands. That’s nice, we later figured out that was to identify yourself as a Swinger (oops). I got up to get us drinks and a (younger than us) lady approached Mrs. Teste and started a conversation.

Our story pivots from here…..

She introduced herself as a Swinger. As I showed up with the drinks, my Mrs. had a blank smiling face looking right through me. This is interesting… I introduce myself. Our new friend told us her story. I was intrigued, and then asked way to many questions. Our new friend concluded that we were “dabblers”. Dabblers? Well, that we were curious, yeah, why not? 

She recommended that we book a vacation at Desire Pearl. That we’d experience a sexy time without pressure to participate. Oh okay, that sounds great. Once home from Temptation, the research began. Resort layout. Room to pool and hot tub proximity. I had to find the perfect room.  I booked a Jr. Suite at Desire Pearl 9 months in advance. I asked for a room downstairs with Pool access. I was shooting for rooms in Sea Horse.

From that point on, I was in research mode. I searched out every Podcast that had anything to do with Desire Resorts. As it turns out, they are all Swinger Podcasts. I needed to know what we’re dealing with here. What’s the language, the protocols? The first Podcast I latched on to was “That Couple Next Door”, that one led me to “We Got a Thing”, which lead me to “Singer Diaries”, then led me to “Swinging Downunder”.

Once catching up with all these to date, I bounced between them as they added new Casts. Then I listened to just about every Podcast they recommended, and some that had high ratings on iTunes. When Desire Resorts came into topic I’d listen multiple times. Interesting, no expectations, that’s good…  


Mrs. Teste and I would listen and pause and talk about what we thought. As it turns out, these people become excellent communicators participating in this lifestyle. The Mrs. and I fight and sometimes never resolve stuff. These people do crazy things, and reconcile the issues in real time. What the hell! How do they do this? 

Christmas time comes along and we decide we needed to test the waters. We found a Party Called “Kinky Saloon”. A Pop up Party of sorts that’s a themed dress up affair with entertainment, dancing, a BDSM room, and a Play Room. It was a fun time, and we tried the Play Room. I was a bit overwhelmed. Sensory overload. I wasn’t at peek performance. Can I do this in a room full of people? Some in foursomes? As it turned out, not well, that time but the box was checked. 

Time burns on and we are 2 months before our Desire trip. When from the Desire Forum, messages come through announcing a KIK group for the time we’ll be there. Nice. We can chat with people who’ll be there when we are. Make new friends. The second day the group formed, all the sexy pic’s started popping up in the conversation stream. Ping, ping, ping. Then WE start taking some. Ping, ping, ping. I start shopping on-line for Mrs. Teste. Sending her links and pic’s of things that look sexy. Then the Theme wear starts hitting the porch. Plop, plop, plop – ping, ping ping. This is fun. Then a Ladies KIK splinter group forms. The Mrs. phone; ping, ping, ping – giggle, giggle, giggle. Wow, we never had so much fun preparing for a trip. Now we are a week before the trip. We need to talk about boundaries. What we are willing to do? That’s what all the Podcasts recommend, so like any good husband I let the Mrs. decide. 

So, it’s public exhibitionist play for us, waist up, outside play with others, and no taking it to the rooms. Fine with me. This is all new. Oh, and we both decided to do the Richard & Lauren group couples sessions, which was very sexy and romantic time we got to share with each other.

Trip day arrived. We land in Cancun at 6am. I planned to arrive early and leave late (it’s like having an extra day). We got there and just about surprised the lobby staff. They checked us in, and held our bags till the room was ready, attached our bright yellow wristbands, and sent us off to breakfast. The Staff was so nice. Everyone including the gardeners greeted us, “Buenos Dias!” After breakfast, we walked around and met one of the KIK couples that had a penthouse suite at the very corner of the quiet end of the pool. They were nice. She was dressed for a walk down the beach, he was nude and had a giant penis. Maintaining eye contact helps with that. Every time they turned away, I got the wide eyes and mouthed “NO” from Mrs. Teste. I’m thinking this is funny. Well, we go on the clothed walk on the beach and settle into the morning. The room was available early so we unpacked and stripped down for Beach & Pool time. I knew there was a flow of activities and we wanted to do as much as possible to mix and mingle.

By the third day my voice was gone. Beach Volleyball, Water Polo, and crazy embarrassing games. Check. We met alot of people. Asked folks their stories and observed the subtle hooking up going on. Interesting. Even more during theme night entertainment, and the Hot-Hot-Hot tub. After listening to Swinging Downunder’s Flirting Podcast, I discovered that a few ladies were flirting with me. Who me? Two times husbands came up and were friendly talking about what their wife’s like. Oh, that’s nice. Blew right past me. Now oblivious. Anyway, I wasn’t about to do anything that would make the experience bad for Mrs. Teste. My plan was to let her experience what she wants, and I provide support and security. She’s admittedly more jealous are than I, so that was our baseline. 

The Richard and Lauren Sessions were packed and ended with the Disco full of couples having sex right next to each other on portable mattresses No sensory overload this time. I think we checked the Parallel Monogamous Group Play box (is there one?). Well, we also made good use of the hot tub cabana beds, in the afternoon, and late nights. Check! After talking to other guests, we decided to book an Erotic Massage. We could experience other people in a very soft situation, without any interpersonal strings attached. Mrs. Teste loved it.

The trip was amazing, made real close friends from all over the world, but not sure if we jumped into the Life Style deep end. Maybe the wading pool.

What was the biggest hurdle for you joining the LS and why?

I’m not sure where we are on the spectrum, but we have booked our next trip to Las Vegas for a Resort Take over. Not sure what will happen, but we are walking in chin-up and ready for what reasonably comes next. No expectations.  As long as we are on this amazing new adventures together

What has changed since then?

Just this weekend we had drinks with long time friends. One of my buddy’s new girl friend was a bit tipsy and decided she had a girl crush on Mrs. Teste. We were in a group of 3 couples. All longtime friends except for the new girlfriend. I’m not sure Mrs. Teste can turn it off. Somehow we played it off to the drinks. Oops. I hear they call this Swirl.





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