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Swinging Couples Dating 101 – Sexiness For Four – P04

Welcome to Swinging Downunder podcast 4, Join us talking with our first couple. We learn why it is so important not to lie on a profile page and why drinking too much can be a problem! Sexy chat is funWelcome to Episode 4 of the Swinging Downunder Podcast, in this episode we share a recent…
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Two Unicorns, Front Massage in Our Secret Spot – P03

Welcome to Swinging Downunder podcast 3. In our third episode we discuss two unicorns, C’s front massage in a local club called Our Secret Spot. We also talk about adding our profile to Red Hot Pie and the excitement of our first responses. Swing Soon, C&D

First Event, Live Porn and The First Freak Out – P02

Welcome to Swinging Downunder podcast 2, Join us in our first event. A first spa in a club and things that “swing” you may see in a spa. We also discover that rules are not our thing and we experience our first over commitment – read freak out! Swing Soon, C&D   We are a…
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Porn, Unicorns and Our Intro to Us – P01

Welcome to Swinging Downunder podcast 1, join us and listen to our soiree into the lifestyle. In our first episode we discuss our introduction to the lifestyle, how to bring up ‘swinging’ with your partner and some sexy TV and porn stories. Swing Soon, C&D