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Bed Hoppers Podcast

Misunderstood Times

Lets talk about the swinging lifestyle; it is as diverse as the people in it and there are many ways to approach it and the people within it. Mr H from the Bed Hoppers Podcast shares his thoughts in this guest blog, posted with permission and originally found on their podcast feed Thank you Mr…
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Are you a HOTWIFE?

Are you a hotwife? This is a commonly used definition in the swinging lifestyle and I thought I’d take a minute to write about it and uncover if I am indeed a HOTWIFE. I wrote this article about hotwifing late 2019 and it was featured in the ASN Lifestyle Magazine January 2020 release. The funny…
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Coffee Chats with Mr and Mrs Smith

      Tell us a bit about yourself; Mr: I’m Mr. Smith. Well, at least in the LS community that’s what I go by. I’m a 30-something who runs his own business meaning 90% of what I do is marketing. Mrs. Smith and I met 20 years ago. We’re both Americans which you could…
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9 Practical Tips for Attending Large Swinger Events

Are you looking for Swingers Event Tips with some practical tips for attending a Swingers Club or Swingers Hotel Takeover? Read on lovers Pre-Event Preparation Aside from the obvious purchase of event tickets, hotel room confirmation, budget, airfares etc etc etc.. there’s other things you’ll need to consider when prepping for an event. However, speaking…
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C&D Featured in ASN Magazine

G’Day Friends, We’re super excited to share with you a recent article on us published in ASN Lifestyle Magazine, you can check out the full magazine here  For the February edition of ASN we share our experiences travelling the world and what differences each country has on their approach to Non-Monogamy. We hope you enjoy…
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