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Killing Kittens and Red Heaven Events – P21

Welcome to the world of Killing Kittens, it’s not as masochistic as this may first sound! It’s a swingers party for the ‘sexual elite’ as the website suggests. D and I head along to the Sydney party – it’s a masquerade ball and the theme for the night is sensual red for valentines day. We explore…
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C Masterpodding Our Single Manicorn Date – P20

C is masterpodding and taking over the Swinging Downunder podcast again!   Part 2 of my Manicorn single male dating podcast, it’s now the next day and the date has finished. Want to hear what kind of naughty fun we get up to? Listen in as I share my thoughts on how the night went…
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Meet the Atoms! – P16

Meet one of our favorite play couples and good friends, The Atoms!  We met on our Pub Crawl and they take the time to discuss with us the differences in international swinging, bi-sexuality, coming out, and their trip into and through the lifestyle. Very different to ours and a very sexy couple! Everyone takes their turn…
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Swing, The Lifestyle and Everything… – P15

We loved sharing this podcast with you and hope you enjoy listening as much as we loved making it! D and I chat about swinging, couples in the lifestyle and creating a community of friends, we ask about dates and how often to meet up with play friends, we had a LOT of fun recording…
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D Takes Over The Masterpodding! – P14

This masterpodding thing is catching on!!  I go through my take on swinger dating etiquette, who pays the bills and who sends the first photo, cock shots and the ultimate question – ARE WE SWINGERS. Just me Love D.

C Masterpodding SwingingDownUnder – P13

Listen in as C does a takeover of the Swinging Downunder Podcast! Sharing some female insight into the lifestyle, dating profiles, single males and what to wear to a couple date and a swingers club. Email C on C@swingingdownunder.com to share your feedback and stories

We talk with Babydoll and The Law! – P12

Tonight we talk with Babydoll and The Law about our club of choice in Sydney Our Secret Spot! Join us as we find out what it is like to own a lifestyle club and how it impacts on your chances of getting laid… C&D

Vagina, Vagina, Vagina and Penis – P11

We talk about our predisposition (through the magic of porn brain-washing) to the “perfect” vagina and penis. Also we talk about one of our best dates to this point the Atoms. Sexy, spunky and lovable…. C&D

Swing Crawl and a Sex Swing – P10

In this Ep we cover what happened and who we met during our first home grown Swing/Pub Crawl. We learnt some new things and made some new friends and we will be doing it again! C&D

A Whole Full Swap and Daytime Sex, C’s wettest yet – P09

Tonight we will explore a full couple swap with Mr and Mrs Bris. This is our first attempt at day sex and frankly, it ended very well!! Sexy fun as C is taken from behind and D takes the time to watch and play with Mrs Bris. We even managed to learn a few things…
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