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Coffee Chats with Haylee’ndStu

Tell us a bit about yourself; Hi, we’re Haylee and Stu, and we live in sunny Western Australia. We’re both in our thirties, we’ve been together since 2002, married since 2005, and have a couple of kids. Neither of us are party animals, but we do like to socialise, and host get togethers. We’re both…
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Bed Hoppers Podcast

Yesterday I was a Wanker…. reflections of Mr H

This article was written by Mr H from the Bed Hoppers Podcast, thank you for sharing your thoughts and inner most ramblings!  We’ve been on this journey for a while now. I’m not sure we can call ourselves noobs, newbies or green any more.  It’s been an amazing voyage, full of adventures, new friends and…
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Coffee Chats with Secret Vixen

Tell us a bit about yourself; I like to think of myself as being a ‘normal’ woman; I’m in my early 30s, happily married, have kids, a menagerie of pets and am a professional, I just have a ‘hobby’ that would raise a few eyebrows along with other body parts. My husband and I ventured…
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Coffee Chats with Mr and Mrs Teste

Tell us a bit about yourself;  We are Ex-Catholic empty nesters. I know what you’re thinking.  I (He) am a semi-retired engineer. She is a director of a medical office. I’m 59, and She’s 58. We’ve been married 38 years. Most of that time focused on education, career, and family. Our children are both working…
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Taking one for the team

Taking One For The Team

Do Swingers take one for the team? What if you don’t find a 4-way connection in the Swinging Lifestyle? How do you manage it? “We Never Take One for the Team” (Except for 60% of the time….) Welcome to the ‘Shit Swingers Say Series’ (or Quadruple S’s for short). In this blog I’m digging deep…
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Flirting with Non-Monogamous People

Sucking at Flirting (and other helpful avoidance tips) Flirting, kind of a requirement to finding a mate right? Normal dating is no different but now in the lifestyle we have to flirt and flirt and flirt, over and over and over again… Without flirting you’re at a serious disadvantage against the other LS people in…
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