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EP95 – The BEST Swinger Date

Hey friends, What has been your favourite swinger lifestyle date? Do you like to go drinking, dancing, clubbing, putt putt, escape room, rock-climbing or cooking? We ask the question on twitter and get some feedback from listeners on what they like (and dislike) for Swinger dates. We also share some of our favourite dates for…
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EP94 – Non-Monogamous Coaching

Hey friends, Get ready to feel like you’re a fly on the wall in this episode of Swinging Downunder Podcast, we’re talking with Catherine and doing a live counselling / coaching session. We dig into the difference of personalities and balance of energy at lifestyle events and how we don’t work so well as a…
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Bonus; Kik-mageddon

Hey friends, Have you heard the news that Ted is shutting down the Kik Mobile App? If you’ve been following us and many other swinger podcast on twitter you may have seen us all talking about it, collecting poll results and talking about the alternate options for kik. Where will the community end up? What…
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P93 – Solo MFM Threesome with Sex Uninterrupted

Hey friends, We’re talking all about threesome’s MFM and some solo play in today’s episode. D has a threesome with some good play-friends and we explore how it felt to be in another country, away from the action, re-connection sex and more. We wanted to do things a little different, we have James and Taara…
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P92 – Sisters of Sexuality; Taylor Sparks and Parish Blair

Hey friends, We are so excited to be joined by the amazing Taylor Sparks and Parish Blair of Sisters of Sexuality and Organic Loven. There are so many amazing points in this episode about love, sexuality, taboo, masturbation, toys, lube… you name it we talk about it! A big thank you to Taylor and Parish…
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P91 – Naughty In Nawlins 2019

Hey friends, It’s that time of the year again when all the podcasters talk about Naughty In Nawlins! We wanted to try something a little different and so we’ve taken an interview between us and combined it with street music, performers, random people, NIN attendee’s and a snippet from Sex Uninterrupted Podcast. Join our Naughty…
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Sex Toys for Pussy Play

What’s in your Sex Toy Box? Sex toys for women – Where should I even begin! Female masturbation conversation has come a long way and undergone an amazing alternation in the past decade. Historically it was assumed that females had low sex drives, low libido and therefore little reason to have sex toys that were…
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Health journey with SweetTea and Whiskey

When Cate mentioned that health and fitness in the lifestyle was a blog topic, I wanted to find the time to weigh in (pun intended ). It is 3am and I’m lying in bed reflecting on our own journey this past year. This is what you do when you’re an insomniac after all.  We are…
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Love your partners curves!

Do you believe it when your partner says they ‘love your curves’? In this amazing story J shares how they have adapted their life into a more fitness and health focused one and how being in the lifestyle is something that makes him smile. Thank you K&J for joining us for this month blog posts…
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Improving your self confidence in the Lifestyle

HUGE thank you to Andrew for taking part of this months blog series about health, confident and lifestyle! It is super refreshing to hear so many vulnerable stories from amazing lifestyle couples. We hope you enjoy this Q&A session as much as we did Tell us something about yourself or your partner, how long you…
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