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P84 – Flirting with That Couple Next Door

Hey friends, We’re really excited about today’s episode with our good friends That Couple Next Door Podcast Jay and Kay. We talk about Flirting, share some mishaps, some laughs and some hot tips. We did some research and wrote a blog to accompany the podcast so follow along with the signs of flirting and what…
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P83 – Fake Boobs & Geeky Sex Toys

Hey friends, In today’s episode we cover two sections that are both close to our hearts. Boobs and Geeky Sex Toys! C has written the blog to match all about her boobs We hear from some amazing women about their boobs and the lifestyle and how they have either judged others or felt judged. Then…
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P82 – 9 Practical Tips to Attending Large Lifestyle Events

Hey friends, In today’s episode we cover the 9 Practical Tips for attending large lifestyle events as told by C&D. C has written the blog to match and today D will add his flair and flavour on swinger events. If you’re thinking about going to Swinger vacation spots like Desire Resort Mexico or Hedonism Jamaica…
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P81 – Swinger Questions & Lovense Sex Toy Review

Hey friends, In today’s episode we answer a bunch of listener questions received on email, through our website, Twitter and Instagram. We cover some great questions on today’s episode talking about jealousy, how to have day sex at Desire Resorts and what turns us off having a Swinger date with people. We also review a…
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P80 – Naughty in Nawlins with Bob & Tess

Hey friends, In today’s episode we are interviewing new friends Bob & Tess from Naughty Events talking all things Naughty in Nawlins in 2019. We announce some awesome news on this podcast too! 2:36; Tess and Bob – Get to Know 17:11; Naughty in Nawlins Q’s from SDU 28:00; Annual Lifestyle Awards 38:47; Listener Questions…
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P78 – My Best Friends are Swingers!

Hey friends, Join us as we talk with our longest play partners and lifestyle pants on and off friends! You may have heard them in early episodes as the ‘Belay’s’ but they’re back as as the Wino’s. We talk about what it means to be pants on and off friends, answer some listener questions and…
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P77 – Desire Resort Clothing Optional Vacation #DP2018

Hey friends, Join us as we talk about our recent November 2018 visit to Clothing Optional / Sex Positive Desire Resort Mexico.  We share our thoughts on the week, some audio recorded in the Disco with fellow podcasters WeGottaThing and also share a funny story about Mexican customs and cockrings! Did you know C is…
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P76 – NYC Podcast a Palooza + Orgy

Hey Sexy Friends, Welcome to Episode 76 of the SDU podcast, this is a group podcast after our NYC Podcast a Palooza event in November. We sit down with our friends and talk about our favourite parts of the event and have a lot of laughs along the way. Special thanks to everyone who joined…
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P75 – Running into Swingers from Vanilla Life and an Ivory Coast Interview

Hey Sexy Friends, Thank you for listening to Swinging Downunder, a podcast about Ethical Non-Monogamy. In this episode we talk about accidentally dating people you know in ‘real life’ or ‘business life’ and how to manage the situation with grace and without ruining a chance at sexy times. Later we had the opportunity to talk…
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P74 – Ode To #PodernFamily

Hey Sexy Friends, Happy International Podcast Day and welcome to our episode devoted to #PodernFamily — if you follow us on twitter you’ll be able to find all the hashtags and follow along with our Podcast journey. In this episode we pay homage to our fellow podcasters who take the time and energy into producing…
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