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P92 – Sisters of Sexuality; Taylor Sparks and Parish Blair

Hey friends, We are so excited to be joined by the amazing Taylor Sparks and Parish Blair of Sisters of Sexuality and Organic Loven. There are so many amazing points in this episode about love, sexuality, taboo, masturbation, toys, lube… you name it we talk about it! A big thank you to Taylor and Parish…
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P91 – Naughty In Nawlins 2019

Hey friends, It’s that time of the year again when all the podcasters talk about Naughty In Nawlins! We wanted to try something a little different and so we’ve taken an interview between us and combined it with street music, performers, random people, NIN attendee’s and a snippet from Sex Uninterrupted Podcast. Join our Naughty…
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P90 – Mens Body Shape and Cock Size

Hey friends, Thanks for tuning in as always to Swinging Downunder Podcast about Sex Positivity and Non-Monogamous relationships. Today we’re talking from a men’s perspective all about body shape, size and confidence and yes a LOT about cocks!. Join in as C interviews D and then join us as we listen in to audio from…
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P89 – Cam Models & Young Swingers Week

Hey friends, It’s a bit of a different sex positive podcast for you today, we’re on the ground live in Xbiz Miami talking to cam models, support groups and Young Swingers Week. Join in as we share interviews and audio clips on the ground at an adult industry event called Xbiz Featured in this podcast…
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P88 – Lifestyle Community

Hey friends, We’ve got a great topic to cover today, something that we didn’t understand the meaning before we entered the lifestyle or certainly even after we’d been in it for over a year. So we recount our thoughts on the Swinging Lifestyle Community and what it has meant to us from Day 1 and…
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P87 – Double Penetration, Solo Play and Fusion Vegas

Hey friends, Thanks for supporting our podcast, we have 3 fun segments to bring you today including an update from our friends That Couple Next Door about their current situation. We talk about our recent experience with Double Penetration (DP) recorded in the car as a debrief then we share some audio talking about solo…
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P86 – Swinger Transitions & Picking up Unicorns

Hey friends, Welcome to a new episode with our good friends from Sydney the Negroni’s. This podcast is broken up into three sections, some interesting, some silly and some involving cheese. So join in as we chat over wine and talk about Swinger lifestyle transitions and how to take people from a dating site message…
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Taking one for the team

P85 – Taking Sex For the Swinger Team

Hey friends, Welcome to a new series of podcasts, “Stuff Swingers Say” over the years we hear terms in the Swinger lifestyle and we really have to ask. What the hell do these things mean, in today’s episode we cover “We Don’t Take One For the Team!” We did some research and wrote a blog…
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P84 – Flirting with That Couple Next Door

Hey friends, We’re really excited about today’s episode with our good friends That Couple Next Door Podcast Jay and Kay. We talk about Flirting, share some mishaps, some laughs and some hot tips. We did some research and wrote a blog to accompany the podcast so follow along with the signs of flirting and what…
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breast implants

P83 – Fake Boobs & Geeky Sex Toys

Hey friends, In today’s episode we cover two sections that are both close to our hearts. Boobs and Geeky Sex Toys! C has written the blog to match all about her boobs We hear from some amazing women about their boobs and the lifestyle and how they have either judged others or felt judged. Then…
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