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Red Room Swingers Club Nashville Review

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Red Room Swingers Club Nashville Review

Swingers Club Nashville

Swingers Club Nashville

Since the closing of Menages, the premier swingers club Nashville, a few clubs and events have popped up and we’re excited to tell you about the Red Room Swingers Club Nashville.

Here are our bullet points on the club “The Red Room Nashville” here’s their website https://redroomnashville.com/sessions/new

** They used to be called the Theatre Group and have since rebranded to Red Room Nashville **

Membership Requirements

You have to have a membership to this club per Tennessee law and this has to be requested and approved at least 24 hours beforehand. This means that you cannot attend on a whim or leave it to the last minute if you’re travelling to the area.


Although membership is mandatory, it was really reasonable and they allow 1 month memberships which is great for those travelling. Membership $12 and entry $20 Single Female and $70-80 Couple approx.

Bar Services

It’s BYOB as per usual and you keep the bottles / stuff at your area, they have bartenders that are very good and keep up with the demand. They also have the largest FREE selection of mixers I’ve seen at any club

VIP Areas

You can pay extra for a lounge area to the sides of the main area and dance floor, there is also a V VIP area which is about $350 USD for the night and holds about 12 people.

Dance Floor

Decent size dance floor in the middle of the club, illuminated floor. The tables and chairs around the floor are probably a little too close for me but that is being picky.


They have a bespoke bathroom for the ladies including a change room area, coat hanging, make up desk / lights, perfumes, mints… and a neon sign. It’s the nicest and most thoughtful bathroom I’ve ever seen in a club in the USA. They have set the standard here!


They have two major areas on site with multiple private rooms and an array of equipment. They have a dedicated side for the single men to be invited into by couples and single ladies and a dedicated couple / unicorn side.

They cannot have beds due to the local laws so they have creatively used sofa bed type things in the private rooms which have doors and locks. They also have a BDSM room, a St Andrews Cross, A flogging area, a soundgasm room which is also an exhibitionist / voyeur room, a sex swing, large 14 seater couches, a secret room with a light box AND they have a massive female glory hole.

Single Men

Single men are permitted at this club but must undergo membership requirements, they are advised to hang out by the bar area unless invited to a table / couch area by a group / couple / single. They are allowed to do a lap etc around the club but are informed not to hover. There were a few single men the night we went, we had a unicorn there who invited one over and I found them to be very respectful and no issues.


They are about 20-25 minutes north of Nashville City.

At the time of this review, the club was only 3 months old, they are undergoing changes and open to feedback. I found the owners to be non-ego driven and open to discussing how they can improve the club. Overall, I round the club to be a welcome addition to Nashville.

Find out more about the Red Room Swingers Club Nashville by visiting their website

Disclaimer: post is NOT SPONSORED we paid our ticket to the event on both occasions.


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Swingers Club Nashville
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