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Single Men at Lifestyle Events

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Single Men at Lifestyle Events

We recently interviewed a single male attending the epic lifestyle event Naughty in Nawlins in July 2019, curious about his background, his lifestyle involvement or getting an invite to a couples event? Check out our interview with Jeff!

Tell us a bit about yourself? You’re a single male from Canada? How long have you been in the lifestyle for? Have you always played separately or with a play partner? 

I am 43, divorced, single Dad with shared custody, from Calgary, Canada. I came into the lifestyle in a very usual way – my mother was into the lifestyle- and from snooping in her room as a teenager and seeing swinger magazines and correspondence I knew it. She knew I was doing that – and after appropriately admonishing me for not respecting her privacy, upon becoming 18 she told me if this was my thing to go for it and she would support me – with introductions, advice, etc. I did it and have been hooked since! I have been into this both as a single and couple. I prefer with a play partner, but I have been fortunate to be able to make the most out of the lifestyle in either scenario. 

Do you frequent any clubs or events in Canada?

It is difficult to do that due to my parental duties and my work, which takes me all over Canada and the US frequently. So, I am not home enough to really do that. I tend to play with couples and attend private smaller parties in a more intimate setting when home – and also occasionally organize events for women who enjoy multiple men or to help younger lifestylers explore their desires for the first time in similar small events I organize.  While on the road my favourite clubs is Trapeze in Ft Lauderdale

Is this your first time to a large lifestyle takeover? If not, where have you been before? If yes, what are your desires for the event?

I have been to many over the years, although it is the first one I have been to in a while. I have been to NIN once, Bliss Cruise, the old Lifestyles conventions in Vegas (anyone remember those?), Hedo, Temptations, Desires, Cap, – you name it! I am pretty into this in case you can’t tell! For this NIN – I am looking to meet new couples to enjoy time with both on a social and sexual level. Hot wives welcome!  Also I can be a greedy guy so I won’t turn down mff if the opportunity presents 

Tell us a bit about your Naughty Experience, are you attending as a couple or single? 

Attending as a single. I did not have to send photos or bios, but I did need to have some vouch for me. I think the event does an admirable job in trying to promote a safe and respectful environment by ensuring that only experienced and respectful singles get in the front door.

Do you think there is a stigma or desire for single men at lifestyle events? What has been your experience?

Great question. There is never a desire for groups of single men leering about with little social skills, ability to interact respectfully as a human being, etc. When I see that at a club or event I usually leave because it is difficult for me to overcome the stigma associated with that (even though I am not like that) and frankly because it is embarrassing. However – where the number of single men at an event is appropriate for the event, and they are respectful, fun, take care of themselves, social, etc – that can be a fun vibe and one in which I have generally found single men welcome. 

If you could give single men a piece of advice for approaching couples or other lifestyle singles what would it be?

Since I have doing this since 18 and I guess I come from a family with lifestyle roots I am asked this a lot. Here is my general answer

1. Don’t deny your desires. Pursue them vigorously and make the pursuit of pleasure a priority

2. Respect the rights of others in that pursuit. Understand you may not fit into their pursuit. 

3. Desires can change and think long term. You may not fit someone’s wants now. You may in the future or you may never – but if you act like a jerk you will never fit into anything

4. Make lifestyle friends. You will have a richer experience and the “referrals” to like minded people for play will be exceptional 

5. Making hubby comfortable is key

How can people reach out to you?


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