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How I sold my used panties on the internet

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How I sold my used panties on the internet

used panties

Ever thought about selling your used panties on the internet? Curious how to actually sell your used panties? Read on to hear about my experience selling my used panties

Yes, you read that title correctly, I am continuing my sexual exploration and have sold a pair of used panties online! DIRTY PANTIES….

You’ve probably seen the hundreds of YouTube videos, articles in Vice, Cosmo and other media declaring how easy it is to sell your used panties, hell, most declare that you can put yourself through school or pay your entire rent by selling panties.

I am here to tell you that yes, that is true for some people, the exception, not the rule. Contrary to the YouTube videos you do not just stumble onto the internet and start making that bank.

selling used panties
You have likely heard it is easy to make loads of cash on the side selling your soiled undies. It is not!

So, let’s talk about how I got into selling panties, what it felt like and if I will continue on this path (or not)

What is this fetish?

Underwear fetishes are relatively common, more common than you might think. One of the most common types of panty fetishes involves used panties. In this fetish, panties or other intimate clothing that have previously been worn are eroticized.

Expect competition

This is a business; you cannot expect to set up a new company and have hundreds of customers through your door on the first day. You have got to work at this, and it takes time, gumption, money (product) and thick skin…

used panties
One of the worlds largest marketplace for panty sellers has almost 1 million registered sellers

Expect creepers and cheapers  

When you put yourself out there and open up dialogue with potential buyers you’ve got to expect some level of creepers and cheapers, it’s life. A lot of the dedicated sites do offer you some protection from this with verified profiles, feedback, customer service, blocking and even banning some of these people but of course, that service comes with competition and a cost.

I listed myself on multiple sites including a larger global presence and then a local classifieds and here’s a few (because I have hundreds!) of the ways people waste your time and try to get free stuff for nothing.

Hell no, I am not sexting with you on kik for free… pay me!

used panty
Just a few of the examples of time wasters you’ll encounter

Some people will try to get you to bargain for a better price, others will try to get you to move to kik or telegram (insert other form of comms here) in the hope that they can start asking you questions which eventually will turn into free sexting. These people never intend to buy your product so you need to identify these people quickly & move on just as fast.

How I did it and what $$ did I make

I mentioned above that there are dedicated sites to list your product, some are free, some take commission from sales and more common is a monthly subscription fee. I listed my panties on Scented Pansy on another site called Snifffr & then I listed it on a classifieds here in Singapore.

My profile on one of the panty selling sites

Within 4 hours I had sold my panties on the local site & was already paid (DO NOT start your product before you are paid, business 101).

So, the process started, here is what my buyer paid for

  • Used Panties, worn for standard use 24 hrs – $25
  • Matching bra – $10
  • 4 Photos in panties
  • Masturbation video with panties on – $10
  • Postage – $2

Total $47.00

Now, some people would look at this figure and think that is not worth the effort and for the most part, you would be right. I look at it like this, I’m not doing anything but sitting around in my pants & then shipping them out, for me the cost v’s return is OK. However, if you are being a slutrepreneur and have things like OnlyFans, Chaturbate or other content creation sites you can use this time to your advantage.

Whilst you’re sitting around in your sold panties, why not take some sexy photos, repurpose your already sold masturbation video and use it for your OnlyFans subscribers, share some of the photos on your other panty selling listings to entice others to buy.

Obviously you can only sell 1 pair of panties every 24 hours at the most so time is a consideration here if you’re wanting to create a living out of this BUT if you’re making those hours work for you then it could be financially viable.  

used panties
Repurpose your content, I made an online video about selling my panties (which was later banned from social media but HEY…. I tried)

How I sent them

I shipped them through the local postage service, it is not illegal which blows my mind! I bought a second hand vacuum sealer (investment of $20) so the ‘scent’ stays in longer (I think) added a little note to my buyer, put on lipstick and kissed the paper and off it went to it’s new home.  

A picture containing indoor, sitting, oven, table

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Check your local classifieds for people selling 2nd hand sealers, it will add a more professional and serious touch to your sales.

What I thought whilst walking around in them

I felt turned on, I am not going to lie, walking around in the underwear knowing that someone was going to pay me for my scent turned me on. I will be continuing to do this but only when I feel like it and only when I have panties that I want to get rid of. I do not see this as an opportunity for financial world domination and since you only get out what you put in, I doubt I’ll be fanning myself with hundreds anytime soon.

A person taking a selfie

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I did not feel dirty, I felt empowered, turned on that my scent was going to be out there to some random buyer

Would you ever consider selling your used panties? Have you? Would you buy them? Share your story with me on c@swingingdownunder.com and let’s chat

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