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Want to listen to who we listen to? Read who we read? Support the non-monogamous or swinger lifestyle?

We’ve compiled a list of some of the blogs, podcasts and clubs that we believe are great ambassadors for the ethically non-monogamous lifestyle.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Swinging Lifestyle Podcasts

WeGottaThing Podcast


Mr and Mrs Jones were one of the first podcasts that we listen to. They are informative and great lifestyle community ambassadors.

That Couple Next Door Podcast

That Couple Next Door

Our good friends Jay and Kay from That Couple Next Door will give you a spicy recount of their sexual encounters.

Swinger Diaries Podcast

Paige and Penn are in their third book of podcasting now. Great information for newbies and now experienced swingers. We highly recommend joining their community.

Casual Swinger Podcast

Casual Swinger Podcast just joined in 2018 and already are putting out great content. Ever heard of Hedo Resorts? Want to hear from informative sources? Mickey and Mallory are absolutely on our list!

Room 77 Podcast

Lauren and Richard are hands down the funniest lifestyle podcast hosts out there. If you want to laugh your panties off whilst hearing all about Desire Resorts in Mexico jump over and have a listen.

Swinging Outside the Lines Podcast

Swinging Outside The Lines

Adam and Belle have been married for 16 years and entered the lifestyle after being monogamous. They are working through their journey one story at a time.

Bed Hoppers Podcast

Mr and Mrs H were the first UK lifestyle podcasters to go live. They share their journey into the lifestyle and review clubs throughout the UK and share their travels through Swinging in a wacky nerdy way.

Spiritual Swingers Podcast

Adam and Eve share their experiences with being religious and spiritual in the swinging lifestyle. It’s been a pleasure listening to their growth in the lifestyle and always through some introspective lessons.

Our Naughty Escapades Podcast

Bob and Nikki bring their lifestyle flavour to the podcast world through stories about their experiences.
Curious about Ohio parties, hotel takeovers and their first impressions of Desire? Check them out.

Average Swingers Podcast

Jay and Angie are just a pair of Average Swingers. They bring a very raw and real version of the lifestyle to our lives and share the good, bad and in between in a no-nonsense (and unedited as fuck) way.

Front Porch Swingers

Brian and Brenna, hosts of Front Porch Swingers who talk about sex: Topics ranging from swinging to hotwifing to BDSM and more. They started their journey and their podcast in 2018. Join in on their conversations.

Normalizing NonMonogamy Podcast

Fin and Emma are your hosts for this interview style podcast. Want to hear about diversity in the lifestyle? What about STi checks and travelling in South America? A great podcast that speaks to the diversity the non-monogamous lifestyle has

Torrid Souls Podcast

Tori and Soul are a same sex female couple who are both bisexual. Listen in to their in the moment conversations as they navigate the non-monogamous lifestyle.

Sex Uninterrupted Podcast

Taara and James hosts from Canada (not Toronto) share their spiritual slutty selves on their podcast. They talk travel, share interviews and are 420 friendly.

Nerds Who Swing Podcast

Margo and Miller, nerdy…swingers the name says it all. They share their lifestyle journey with us in a fun & relaxed, nerdy way!

By The Bi Podcast

Bradford and Angela share their unique relationship and non-monogamous flavour. If you’re curious about bisexual couples and non-monogamy these are the guys for you.

Blogs, Books, Clubs and Parties

Monogamish Marriage Blog

We adore HIM and HER from the Monogamish Marriage Blog, they share their travels, trips, spills and helpful party hosting idea’s. It’s a must read and share for us!

Swingers Helper

A blog site and page dedicated to all things resources for Swingers! They have a free help book and a whole page devoted to Swinger Podcasters! We love their passion for bringing information to the Lifestyle.

Our Secret Spot

We’d be remiss not to mention our favourite Swingers Club in Australia, Our Secret Spot Club in Sydney has been instrumental to our journey and we cannot thank Jess and Lawrence enough for everything they do!

Young Couples Party

Young Couples Party is a swinger club based out of Chicago, Illinois. They cater to couples aged 21-42 as a way to get young, and often new, couples comfortable with lifestyle events.

ASN Lifestyle Magazine

ASN Magazine is the only alternative lifestyle magazine available! Michael and Sheri produce some great content every 2 months and share articles from all over the world!