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Sex Toy Review; Queen Bee by Hot Octopus

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Sex Toy Review; Queen Bee by Hot Octopus

We’ve been intrigued by Hot Octopus toys for a long time, they are a UK based organisation and their marketing collateral definitely speaks to us. It looks new, energetic and fun… we’ve been wanting to give it a got for years.

When we had the opportunity to use the Queen Bee personal vibrator with their patent pulse technology we thought absolutely sign us up!

The product arrived to our door, easy enough all the way from the UK to Singapore! I was eager to give it a go, here’s an honest review of my experience with the Hot Octopus Queen Bee.

SDU Rating:

Quality – 5 Stars

Vibration – Low

Noise Level – Loud  

Orgasmic Rating – Low

Package / Product

The packaging and product design and quality are fantastic, the package arrived safely to Singapore and the product is encased in a lovely box with a personal toy sash on the inside. The charging design is magnetic and therefore easily to clean and ensure no bacteria is building up. The design is 100% waterproof, it’s super easy to use (no need for a manual at all) and is quite nice to the touch.

  • Length – 9 inches
  • Head diameter – 2.5 inches
  • Head Circumference – 7 inches
  • Material – ABS Plastic and TPR
  • Settings – 6 different settings including constant pulse, fast pulse, heartbeat etc


Hot Octopus are using the PulsePlate technology, so this vibrator is not your usual style but instead moves rapidly up and down in it’s socket to create the vibration type feel. However, this means that the pulseplate stops working when significant pressure is applied.

I have been unable to orgasm using the Queen Bee, I’ve used it multiple times, adjusted the tempo, my vulva, the position, with/without lube… the results were the same. I ended up frustrated and reverting back to my other toys.

Why? Let’s delve into this a little as I have a theory.

I personally like a decent amount of vibration, I’m ok using toys like a wand, some people find this to be too strong however for me it works perfectly. I just couldn’t get the same kind of rush from the Queen Bee, each time I’d be begging for more and push her closer to my clit only to be met with less as the pulseplate cannot handle the pressure. Overall, it was disappointing not to orgasm from the toy however that might not be the case for you…

The various settings available are good, I tried them all and I like the different operations of the technology. It’s really easy to charge with a great magnetic plate so I don’t need to worry about it falling off the charge like some previous chargers.

Regretfully it’s also very loud, overall the volume of the toy was unexpected. Old vibrators may have been louder than the new age products and I was surprised this was so noisy. I expected that the toy was pretty encased and the noise therefore would be too however it is surprisingly loud and probably not something you could use with people in the room next door.

The design is great, the product feels fantastic and we’re told that although the material is TPE we’re told it’s medical grade and non-porous. I do worry about cleaning in the PulsePlate and certainly wouldn’t recommend it for use with anyone but yourself, make sure you get in each of the layers to give it a good clean so it doesn’t shelter bacteria.

Another downside of the toy is the size, I had difficulty using when D and I were having sex together, I used it when I was in a doggy style position and had to be elevated to get it underneath me and hitting my clit.

Final Thoughts

Overall it’s great quality, the price point is 99 pound or $124 USD so it’s a decent investment for a toy. If I wasn’t used to a higher vibration I might have found the pulseplate to be enough for me to orgasm.

I would recommend this to my friends or ladies or aren’t able to handle high vibration from other toys such as a wand and people who want solo play (not great for couples unless it’s a spectactor sport)

  • Might work for someone who wants a lesser vibration
  • Unable to work with couple play due to size

Please Note: This toy was sponsored by Hot Octopus in return for an honest review of the Queen Bee.