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Swinging Downunder does the Curious Couple – P27

Swinging Downunder does the Curious Couple – P27

We couldn’t possibly let an awesome opportunity pass us by once we have flown all the way over to the U S of A to catch up with and interview T & A from The Curious Couple

T drags A out of bed to interview with us in our hotel room at Naughty in Nawlins 2016, yes we got them into our bed…. but alas only to ‘talk’, C has her notes ready, D is absolutely star struck and without game at all!

Join us as we interview two of the sexiest podcasting swingers and talk all things podcasting, lifestyle, favourite body parts and getting couples from the bar to the bedroom.

Want to know more about T&A? Head over to their webpage to sign up to their newsletter, join them on twitter for sexy content and download their podcast (you will not regret it!)

Twitter Account – thecuriouscpl

Website: The Curious Couple


Swing Soon,


Twitter:- @swingdownunder

Swinging Downunder Website:- www.swingingdownunder.com

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Swinging Downunder
Swinging Downunder does the Curious Couple - P27


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