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Swingers Lifestyle Confidence! with Expansive Connection

Swingers Lifestyle Confidence! with Expansive Connection

swingers lifestyle confidence

Swingers Llifestyle Confidence

How can we have more confidence in the swingers lifestyle? Swingers Lifestyle Confidence is something that many new people in the lifestyle will struggle with.

We all say that confidence in swinger couples is sexy but how just one ‘just be confident’? 

In today’s episode we’re coving all about being confident and having confidence in the swingers lifestyle. Cate is interviewing Catherine from Expansive Connection about the psychology and ins and outs of having confidence. 

We’re going to share some helpful guides on how to acknowledge your confidence or lack thereof, what you can do to prop yourself up, how this might be impacting your partner and more.

We finish up with a personal story each of how our confidence has impacted our swingers lifestyle journey.

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What is Swingers Lifestyle Confidence?

Body confidence is how a person feels about the way they look. When we have body confidence we accept, and are happy with, how we look and what our bodies can do.

Often times we project our own insecurities onto other people. We judge them harshly because we judge ourselves too harshly. But when we open ourselves up to be kind to others, it also opens us up to be kinder to ourselves. Give someone a compliment you wished you’d gotten when you needed it most. Be someone else’s silver lining today, and tell them they’re rocking their look.

Negative messages about body image are all around us, and they have a way of weaseling themselves into our thoughts and antagonizing our insecurities. This might be photoshopped images of models on billboards, or body negative people in your life, and even body negative posts on social media. According to one study, participants who spent more time on social media were more likely to develop a negative body image, and more likely to develop eating disorders. So, try to cut out the negativity that you can. Curate your social media feedshide those fad diet posters. Look for positive people, people who practice self-love, and people who will encourage you to be who you are.

People come in all shapes and sizes. One person is beautiful in one way, and the next person in some other way. And isn’t that how it should be? Imagine how boring it would be if there were only one way to be, and to feel, beautiful. Comparing yourself to others can leave you feeling like you don’t look the way you should, but you’re not supposed to look like someone else; you’re supposed to look like you.

Treat your body with the same kindness you’d treat a friend. And if whatever you’re about to say about your body is something you’d feel bad saying about a friend’s body, then don’t say it! Negative self-talk only digs us deeper into body negative patterns of thinking. You don’t deserve verbal abuse from anybody, especially from yourself.

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swingers lifestyle confidence
Swingers Lifestyle Confidence
Swinging Downunder
Swingers Lifestyle Confidence! with Expansive Connection

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