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EP101 – Top 10 Swinger Club Fails

EP101 – Top 10 Swinger Club Fails

Hey friends,

In this episode we break down our top 10 swinger club fails over the last 5 years, we dig deep into the archive on some of these from our first 12 months in the lifestyle right up until NYE 2020. Join us as we laugh at ourselves & share some of our slips, trips and falls.

In the second half of this podcast we share some super funny, awkward and just weird listener lifestyle fails. We recount stories from podcast listeners on what happens in the lifestyle and laugh along at their misfortune. What does a goose, lost shoe, slipping in girl cum all have in common… listen and learn.

Every wondered what it’s like to be a non-monogamous couple? Looking for more information about how to successfully navigate a non-monogamous relationship? Just want to listen to a sex positive Swinger Podcast / NonMonogamous Podcast? Join us.


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We are a swinging lifestyle podcast, we talk about sex and non-monogamy, please ensure you are of legal age to be listening to our sexy stories. 

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Wanderlust Swingers - Swinging Lifestyle
Wanderlust Swingers - Swinging Lifestyle
EP101 - Top 10 Swinger Club Fails
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