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Singapore Sexology with Dr Martha Lee – P44

Singapore Sexology with Dr Martha Lee – P44

In this episode we chat with a bonifide Sexologist right here in Singapore Asia! Ever wondered what other cultures think about sex, masturbation and the big ‘O’? Join us as we talk through some of the things that impact local cultures from experiencing more in the bedroom, what do you think locals would think of C&D Swinging around the world?!

Dr Martha Lee travels around Asia and Australia to host and attend a number of sex positive events, you can have a look at her website and check out if there are any events close to you.

Website – http://www.eroscoaching.com/profile/
Events – http://www.eroscoaching.com/events/

Dr Martha is speaking at the ‘Sydney Festival of Really Good Sex’ http://www.eroscoaching.com/events/sydney-really-good-sex-festival/
and hosting an evolution experience in Sydney http://www.eroscoaching.com/events/evolution-experience-sydney/

Thank you Dr Martha for sharing some insight into the (somewhat) sex starved world of Singapore and for helping us learn more about swinging in Singapore.


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Singapore Sexology with Dr Martha Lee - P44


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