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Shagging our Fellow Podcasters – P38

Shagging our Fellow Podcasters – P38

We at Swinging Downunder are firm advocates of consent, we may have stole some topics but we totally asked first – also tried to shag some of the podcasters as well!!


We decided to give our take on some of our favorite pod discussions (We Gotta Thing, The Curious Couple, The Aussie Swingers, That Couple Next Door) and break them down into our experiences and our take on them. Off course we do this while taking the piss out of each other, the lifestyle and anyone else that falls within the shotgun pellets.


Check out our planned trip to Desire Pearl in November 2017 , we are going to have some extra fun and games as The Curious Couple, We Gotta Thing and us get together for a whole week in Mexico!  Register your interest so we can keep you up to date with the plans and goodies/fun that come with booking the event!

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Shagging our Fellow Podcasters - P38


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