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Recent Dates and Oui Oui Sex – P45

Recent Dates and Oui Oui Sex – P45

Thanks for listening to another episode of Swinging Downunder, in this episode we talk about some recent dates we have had, being ghosted by a couple and some very sexy threesome events with dirty talk.

Wondering what we have been upto recently? We have had a few couple and single dates here in Singapore and have met a fantastic new #manicorn for regular catch-ups! Finally the Swinger Gods have been looking down upon us and sending us fantastic sex vibes.

C recently discovers that a bit of naughty talk in the bedroom is an extreme turn on and D has fun wearing his cock ring out to bars and clubs. 

Before we delve too much into the sexiness of Swinging together we want to pay it forward and mention some of the podcasters that we often download and listen to, we have many more to share so please feel free to email us candd@swingingdownunder.com if you are curious to know who we listen to regularly. 

Podcasts we listen to in no particular order..

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Recent Dates and Oui Oui Sex - P45


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