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EP110 – PlayboyTV Swing + SexEd with Wendy Miller

EP110 – PlayboyTV Swing + SexEd with Wendy Miller

PlayboyTV Swing

Ever watched an episode of Playboy Swing? Wendy Miller worked at Playboy TV for 7.5 years and produced numerous TV shows. She was the Vice President of Programming & Production and oversaw the well known Swingers TV show Playboy Swing.

Many Swingers have found that Playboy TV was the cornerstone to starting their journey and we talk to Wendy about the impact of this TV show on sex positive culture towards non-monogamous, swinging lifestyle

We talk with Wendy about her time at Playboy, being sex positive in a corporate world, washing sex toys in an office sink, visiting a sex club in a shipping container, reducing shame and stigma of sexual desires in women & much more. 

Wendy is the producer of Sex Ed The Musical with many hilarious episodes on being sex positive with jingles, we would love you to check out her show & read her blog.

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EP110 - PlayboyTV Swing + SexEd with Wendy Miller


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