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190 Swingers at Penthouse Playrooms Swingers Club

190 Swingers at Penthouse Playrooms Swingers Club

Penthouse Playrooms Swingers Club

We takeover the Penthouse Playrooms Swingers Club for our RED Hot Party in February 2023 co-hosted with the bed hoppers podcast. 

In this episode we’re going to share our experiences at the event BUT more importantly, we’re going to share and discuss 6 audio clips sent in from attendees. 

From newbies to naked dancing, glory holes and hot tub fun, listen in as we try to remember our ”firsts” from 8 years ago when we joined the lifestyle. 

A big thank you to Penthouse Playrooms Swingers Club, their staff, and our guests for helping make this our first and biggest club takeover to date. 

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Penthouse Playrooms Swingers Club

Penthouse Playrooms is a massive 2 level club located in Dunstable, UK (nearest airport is Luton). With 25 playrooms on site, a dance floor, mingle areas, bar, outdoor area, wet area and a professionally designed dungeon, you’d be hard pressed to not find something of interest in this club. 

Find out full walkthrough of Penthouse Playrooms on YouTube https://youtu.be/VwzDpAAn4mc or read review and blog https://www.swingingdownunder.com/penthouse-playrooms-swingers-club/


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Penthouse Playrooms Swingers Club

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