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P88 – Lifestyle Community

P88 – Lifestyle Community

Hey friends,

We’ve got a great topic to cover today, something that we didn’t understand the meaning before we entered the lifestyle or certainly even after we’d been in it for over a year. So we recount our thoughts on the Swinging Lifestyle Community and what it has meant to us from Day 1 and now 5 years later.

We also share an exciting announcement about an upcoming event in May 2020; if you want to be part of Podcast-A-Palooza and join in the fun, sexiness and hot atmosphere in Miami please check out the website

Because we couldn’t do a community podcast without enlisting some of the community and getting varied perspectives we did the usual Swinging Downunder trick of enlisting help,

Featured in this podcast

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Love, Peace and Respect.



We are a swinging lifestyle podcast, we talk about sex and non-monogamy, please ensure you are of legal age to be listening to our sexy stories. 

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Wanderlust Swingers - Swinging Lifestyle
Wanderlust Swingers - Swinging Lifestyle
P88 - Lifestyle Community
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