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P84 – Flirting with That Couple Next Door

P84 – Flirting with That Couple Next Door

Hey friends,

We’re really excited about today’s episode with our good friends That Couple Next Door Podcast Jay and Kay. We talk about Flirting, share some mishaps, some laughs and some hot tips.

We did some research and wrote a blog to accompany the podcast so follow along with the signs of flirting and what flirt style you are on the blog post

What is your flirt game? Share your stories with us as we recount our time in New York City and how we missed the signs of flirting.

Featured in this episode:

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Love, Peace and Respect.



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Wanderlust Swingers - Swinging Lifestyle
Wanderlust Swingers - Swinging Lifestyle
P84 - Flirting with That Couple Next Door
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