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P72 – Caliasian fun and Monogamish Marriage

P72 – Caliasian fun and Monogamish Marriage

G’Day Friends,

In our two part episode;

We talk about a recent hot date in Malaysia with a California Couple (CaliAsian now we have them in our clutches).

Our second part is our new series on cultural diversity with a lovely couple from Canada, Kate and Mike. They have a blog about their lifestyle journey and antics and share what it was like growing up with faith and waiting on that BIG day to have sex… now they totally out of control. 


Featured in this Podcast Episode:-

  • Kate and Mike from Monogamish Marriage Blog, check out their blog here or you can find them on twitter


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Love, Peace and Respect.





We are a swinging lifestyle podcast, we talk about sex and nonmonogamy, please ensure you are of legal age to be listening to our sexy stories. 


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P72 - Caliasian fun and Monogamish Marriage


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