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P69 – Sex Positions, Pub Crawl & Why We Podcast

P69 – Sex Positions, Pub Crawl & Why We Podcast

Hey Sexy Friends,

Thank you for joining another episode of Swinging Downunder the Swinging Lifestyle Podcast. 

In episode 69 we talk all about sex positions, C gives her Top 7 positions in no order, D adds in why he likes anal and doggy style so much and C constantly explains the need for clit stimulation.

So slide on in and join us as we explore sex, we also share a little audio from our recent Perth Pub Crawl and finally C jumps back on the microphone to talk about Why We Podcast.

Featured in this Podcast Episode:-

  • Naughty and Rocket; Podcast listeners and photography lovers, they are joining us at Desire Resort later this year and you can see them on twitter here
  • Mr S and B; Brisbaneites who joined us on this journey and ended up in our Penthouse, they’re on twitter here

Mentioned in this Episode:-

  • Fun Italian Couple; chatting to me about why we podcast, catch them on twitter here
  • Normalizing Non Monogamy; gave me a great podcast recommendation, check them on twitter here
  • RedHotPie; a fantastic dating site in Australia for Swingers and all forms of Non Monogamy, sign up for RHP here

We created a Patreon to help keep our podcast hosting going, we would appreciate even a $1 sponsorship through this link here

Love, Peace and Respect.



We are a swinging lifestyle podcast, we talk about sex and nonmonogamy, please ensure you are of legal age to be listening to our sexy stories. 

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P69 - Sex Positions, Pub Crawl & Why We Podcast


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