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P58 – Desire Pearl 2017 Vol 2

P58 – Desire Pearl 2017 Vol 2

Hey Sexy Friends,

Welcome to Volume 2 of our Desire Pearl Resort Cancun Recap from #DP2017, if you’ve listened to Vol 1 you have caught up on our trip through Dallas into Cancun and then onto Mexico.

In this next episode we recount a few interesting, crazy and fun things that occurred during our time at Deisre Resort this year and C asks D a few trivia questions to help the game along.

Afterwards we share 13 snippets from our Swinging Podcast by the pool and talk about ‘Lifestyle Balance’ we share some stories and thoughts form some of the sexy couples that joined us on the trip and cannot wait for you to listen in.

Note: the audio by the pool of course is a bit distorted due to being recorded over the microphone and speaker set at Desire, still we think it’s amazing and you’ll be super interested to hear how some other couples balance their lifestyle fun.

So sit back, enjoy Christmas with a drink or two and please let us know your thoughts! Send C an email on candd@swingingdownunder.com she would love to hear from you.


Join us in 2018 as we head back to Desire Pearl Resort in Mexico, we’re going with WeGottaThing from 10th to 17th November 2018. You can join us by heading to the website https://www.wegottathing.com/desire/ 


Swing Soon!



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P58 - Desire Pearl 2017 Vol 2


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